What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


52. Rehearsals



 Harry's POV:

We had rehearsals all day then to make it even better a show. I didn't want to do anything right now. Not even sing. 

I took a shower and made sure that it was hot as possible. Sure it burned my skin but it was better than having a broken heart. I got dressed in baggy sweats and a t shirt. I could not find my shoes anywhere, so I stole a pair of Louis' TOMS. I had never worn them before but they were quite comfortable and ugly. 

I flipped my hair upside down and ruffles my hands through my hair. I flicked my head back up and pushed the tiny curls to one side. I walked out of my room to the hallway were the boys were waiting for me. We all walked to the elevator and and waited as it came up to our floor. We all got in and waited in silence as we went down. 

"Where are the girls?" Niall said breaking the silence. 

"They all went shopping for tonight" Louis said. The elevator dinged signally that we came to the lobby. The doors opened up to the whole lobby flooded with screaming and crying fans. I put my head down not wanting to deal with this right now. After about 10 minutes of getting past fans we made it to the van. We hopped in and we were off to the arena. 


Louis POV:

Seeing Harry like this broke my heart. I couldn't tell him about Hannah being here since it was a surprise. But the news she told me was even bigger. I dropped Hannah off at the same hotel we were at but a few floors above us. He had no idea. Of course I had to buy El the candy or she would get suspicious about what I was doing. I gave her money to go buy new clothes on the other side of town. Little did Harry know that she was going to be at the concert tonight- front row. The thought made me smile knowing how happy he will be. Back to his old self. Rehearsal went forever.

Maybe I was so excited about kicking off our brand new world wide tour -Forever Young. 

We went over the dances, songs, clothing changes, sound check and some little surprises for the fans. 

It was about 4 o clock in the afternoon, We had been at the arena for 9 straight hours, thankfully with lots of breaks. Of course not planned ones, just sneak attacks. 


We all came back to the hotel rooms to see what are girlfriends were doing. El had wet hair but only had  a skirt and bra on. 

"Babe!" I yelled


"You look hot!"

"Shut up!" she laughed and then went back to doing something. I took off my shoes and went into the bathroom to see that she was applying make up. I hugged her from behind, my arms squeezing her torso and stomach. She laughed a little then shooed me away. 

Liam's POV:

I walked in to see Claire doing her hair. She was using this stick thing that made her hair curly/wavy. She had her make up done already but only wearing a robe. 

"Hey Claire" I walked into the bathroom kissing her. 

'' Hi there boo" I gave a confused look at her then she sated laughing at it. 

"Um ok. I'm going to get in the shower now" 

"Okay!" she yelled even though I was right next to her. I laughed more then got in the shower. 

Zayn's POV:

Perrie looked amazing in her dress, looked good on her it all places. She was mine. All mine. I was so happy when I found out that her singing group Little Mix, weren't going on tour. It was my chance to ask her to come with me. 9 whole months. 

I walked past her stealing a quick kiss but was pulled back for more. I laughed into the kiss but then stopped. I got in the shower because tonight was huge.

Niall's POV:

I hated sharing a room with Kim let alone a bed. She snored and not the kind you can fall asleep too the loud one. She was more of a boy than a girl at some parts. When I unlocked the door I saw that she just got out of the shower. She had her hair tied up in a towel with a robe that had covered her up. She started rubbing some lotion on her face when I was caught off guard.

"Niall..... I love you" My face was shocked, and also me. My jaw dropped causing utter an awkward silence. 

"I uh I love you too".

She finished getting ready while I took a shower, thinking of the words I had just said.

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