What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


50. Plane ride

Harry's POV:

I couldn't do anything. Not even sleep I had to get a way to find Hannah. I didn't even know if that was Josh's house. I looked out side the window to see nothing but darkness. I couldn't tell the boys because if I did, everyone would get worried. I let a few tears out wanting to go curl up in a ball, and stay there forever. I pulled a blanket out from under my seat, slipped my shades on and cried my self to sleep only thinking about Hannah. 


Hannah's POV:

I had a long ways to go. The trip from Ireland to New York was about 17 hours long with delays and stops. What if Josh comes back to get me? I couldn't think of that right now. I could only think of Harry. Oh god, how will I tell him? I mean he going to hate me, I can't think of that. After everything we have been through. I let massive tears run down my face. My mascara smears and I quickly turn my head not wanting anyone to see me like this. The emotions running through me right now I couldn't handle it- Harry, Josh- and what happened. I shifted my body so it was facing towards the window. I took me forever to fall asleep but I did. Only having the thought of Harry occupying my mind.


Liam's POV: 

Me and Claire were seated in the back of the plane. Harry was asleep and so was Niall. I could tell he wanted Claire back. I couldn't let that happen. And when he thought she was with me, his own best friend; made me mad. I had to protect at all times, not wanting Niall to change her mind at any second.  Kim was on her phone as usual. I didn't like Kim at all, I'm pretty sure no one did. Zayn and Perrie were eating at a small table and Louis and Eleanor were laughing about something.

Claire was playing with my fingers, inspecting all of my nails. I laughed at her cuteness.

"Ahh your just so cuteee" I say in a baby voice

"Oh shut it Payne" She leans up and locks her lips on mine, it was a short kiss, but I wanted it to be longer.

"So Claire I got us our own room" her eyes light up at the words I just said, she played it cool though

"Okay. Soo Christmas is coming up and what do you want" She says dropping my hand on my lap. 

"Nothing." she looks at me with a confused look on her face

"I have everything I ever want. And I always will" I kissed the top of her forward making her blush.

"Okay tough guy, I'mma go to sleep now"

I pulled up the arm rest in between us and put my arm around her bum and waist pulling her closer to me. She smelled so sweet. I later on put her on my lap. She cuddled me. I had never really had this feeling before- loving someone so much that it hurts. But something inside of me told me it was wrong. That she was Niall's. 


She was fast asleep in my arms. I stroked her hair and hummed Little Things to her. The whole plane was now awake except Harry and Claire. Niall walked past me to use the lou, and gave me a weird look. An untrustworthy look. I ignored it and kept humming. A few minutes later I pulled out my phone to catch up on some twitter and instagram. I posted a picture of Claire sleeping. She would probably kill me for this. At least I would die happy. I breathlessly laughd at my thought. Niall came back and sat next to me. 

He was grasping his arm rest so tight I thought he was gonna break it. 

"Woah Niall, we can't go around breaking planes''

"Liam, Claire doesn't know what she is doing. She doesn't know that you aren't the one". 


Claire's POV:

'That you aren't the one'. Niall. I can't believe him. He can't let me be happy? I am happy right?

I stayed still but I was awake. It kept on going until I couldn't take it. Liam fought for me, but Niall fought back. 

I couldn't stand this anymore. I yawned and stretched my arms pretending to actual wake up. Liam shushed Niall. 

"Hey babe. Good sleep?" I heard Liam's voice say

I nodded then completely sat up on his lap. 

"Hey I'mma go get something to eat"

Okay love" Liam said kissing my cheek.

"I'll go get something too" Niall said chirping up

"Oh thats fine Niall. I'm good. Besides Louis and El are already over there." I said sweetly. Well that shut Niall up.

Liam bit his fist trying to fight back laughter. I don't know why it was that funny, because honestly I did not want to talk to Niall. I got off of Liam's lap, and started walking towards the table/flight attendant. 

For some reason when I got there I wasn't longing for food anymore. I parked myself across from El. 

"Hi there" I said tiredly

"Hey!" El always had the personality to brighten up someone's day even by her face. She was beautiful and nice and more than that. Louis had chose well.

The flight attendant walked towards the speaker phone and called out

"We will be stopping in New York in 5 minutes"

I silently cheered wanting to get off this death trap. Harry was finally awake, but alone. I decided to leave him alone due to the look on his face. I started walking back, when I saw Liam and Niall finally talking and just talking. I found an empty seat and buckled myself in.


For the first time on this whole ride I noticed that Hannah wasn't here.


A/N: Woah this chapter was longgggggggggggggggggg. The guy in the story who is known as Josh is actually Liam Hemsworth in real life. XX Hannah OX

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