What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


82. Phone call

A/N: Hey guys so like I told you all the outfits are on Polyvore.... NOT! They somehow got deleted. So I'm recreating them as WE SPEAK. HAHAHAH maybe. And also this book is coming to an end soon. *crying* I know guys.... its just.... idk... but a sequal will be written the day I end the book. So basically its somewhat a sequel! Love you guys.OMGEEE THE CAFETERIA GUY AT MY SCHOOL IS SO FRICKEN FUNNY. HE'S MEXICAN AND SHORT AND HE DIES HIS HAIR LIKE A CHESNUT BROWN. ITS SO HILARIOUS AND HE'S SOOO DRAMATIC. HE CALLES ME BABY LIKE I AM IN A PAGEANT OR SOMETHING. AND HE CUSSES IN THIS SUPER GAY VOICE ITS JUST TOO FUNNY. Okay back to the story.

Claire's POV:

I can hear all of their fans screaming their name and we can't even see them yet. Niall pushes me behind his shoulder in a protective way. I smile at the thought that he truly did and still does care and love me. I hold onto his hand tightly as the elevator doors are opening.

"READY!?" Paul screams at all of us. We all nod and quickly walk out of the lobby to our car. On both sides of us there are policemen and Paul is leading us. Niall is still holding my hand as he pulls me into the car. I jump in not really knowing what happened. I accidentally landed on Liam's lap. He looks at me awkwardly as I quickly scootch off of his lap. Niall doesn't notice and I'm happy. I don't want to lose him again. 

I crouch down to get to the back where Niall is. Harry sits next to me. He looks decent even know that I know inside he isn't. One of the policemen close the doors and run away in fear. I laugh and then jump to see why he ran away. The fans were crazy. I swear New York held the most nuttiest ones. I looked up at the small sky lift window to see 2 girls faces with they phones and tears in their eyes.

I look to the sides of us and see a million hands hitting the window, leaving behind their finger prints. 

"CAN WE PLEASE GO NOW?!" Liam says annoyed with the fans already. The driver listens and gives a sign to the policemen saying to move the girls and some boys out of the way. They got some away but the others we literally picked up by stomachs, while some were thrown over the guards shoulders. 

"This is too crazy" I whisper in Niall's ear

"I know, but we love them" Niall commented back. I laughed and then held Niall's right hand. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to our destination. Thank god there are no fans here. We got out of the car and were escorted by Paul into the building. Right before we got in I looked up to see the bright lit sign that said "Headington Studios" 

Studios? I thought we would be at a telly  production place instead. Oh well. We walked down two halls until we hit where we were supposed to be. I sat down on the comfy dark brown suede couch the boys take their seats in front of super bright mirrors. The sit in those kind of chairs that you would see a movie director sit in. It had their full name on it and next to them were there own personal stylists. I  laughed at the sight of Niall getting his hair and make up done. I thought that was only for girls. Perrie and Eleanor and some random girl that was next to Liam sat down on the couch with me. I was on my phone but I decided to introduce myself to be nice. I lean forward, extending my hand and saying my name.

"Hi there! I'm Claire! What's your name?" It sounded like it was the first day of school. 


"Cool  name" Eleanor says smiling at Sophia.

"And you and Liammmm?" Perrie says with a confused tone. 

"Yes. We have been friends since we were in diapers!" We all laughed and then back to our phones. I look up to Niall to see a women with somewhat grey hair. It was dyed though. I turned my eyes over to see Harry playing with a small toddler on his lap. She had darker blonde hair and looked like Niall's stylist. Harry called out her name- Lou. And the daughter's name was Lux. Harry treated her like it was Hannah. I wonder how she is doing. I get up and walk outside the room, and lean against the door. 

It rings until I hear a tired hello through the phone.



"Hey Hannah!"

"Whats up?"

 "I just wanted to see how you were doing?" 

"Fine. I'm here in New York. Don't tell anyone though. And I am staying at Michael's place right now."

"Now way, like our high school friend Michael?" I guess I said that to loud cause Eleanor yelled 'Who's that?' I put my head in the door and yelled 'Me and Hannah's high school friend Michael!' I see Harry's reaction to my answer, and his face drops. I turn back outside and keep the call going

"So how's the baby?"

"Good, I go for my second check up in 3 days, but I'm somewhat growing right now. Some new clothes here and there, but everything is fine."

"Thats cool.... so me and Niall got back together" I say the last part in a whisper. 

"I knew it! You guys are per-fect" She says imitating Liam in the Best Song Ever music video. I laugh and then reply

"Ya, I 'm happy. We are about to do an interview and all the girls are going to be in it!" I say with excitement 

"That sounds fun."

"Hannah, look, theres going to be a twitcam to tonight, at 8. Please watch it."

"Fine" I'm surprised by here answer thinking I would have to argue why. I hear the interviewer call all our names and I have to stop talking.

"Hannah I gotta go, and I hope you watch. He's lost without you. Just remember that." It goes quiet for a few seconds then I here the phone line go dead. That was it. Time to go get my interview on. 

I am seated behind Niall like all the other girls were behind their guys. Sophia behind Liam, El and Louis, Perrie and Zayn,  I take my seat and place my hands on Niall's shoulders. The people count down and the interviewer greets us


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