What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


77. Over Again

Niall POV:

Finally. I got her back. My Claire. I smiled after I slipped on the bracelet then looked at her face. She was confused and so was I. 

"What is this?"

"My birthday present. That you bought me; with Liam. I was thinking before we left about how much I missed you and wanted you back. Then I found this. I took it with me knowing I wanted you to have it. Look Claire I was an ass, more than that at the hospital. I should have believed you, but from the whole accident I couldn't take it with other people helping you and not me. I say how happy you were with Liam and I didn't know what to do. You looked happier with him, than me, and I cracked. I thought that I was never going to get you back, and that was my biggest fear."

"Niall, thats sweet but, if we are going to date again you need to trust me."

I looked up at her into those bright eyes of hers. On the word trust she grabbed my hand and held it with hers. 

"What are you saying?" I ask

"Well, based on that speech you just gave I realized that all this time I missed you too."

"Claire, will you be my girlfriend.... again?" She fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist after the question. 

"Yea Niall." I was used to her rejecting me when she was with Liam

"Oh ok, well just forget this ev-.... what? Yes?" I said cutting my own self off then finishing. She nodded and I have to say I felt really good. I hugged her by the waist and picked her up spinning her around. She giggled and I put her down. We were less than inches from each other. We kissed and then bright flashes of light bounced off of us. I didn't care though. I was finally back. And so was Claire. Back together. 


Eleanor's POV:

Perrie told me that Niall and Claire had gone off and done there own thing. I knew they would get back together, just watch. All of us were walking down the street in the plaza, with m fingers laced with Louis'. I just can't believe the thought of me getting married. I love him, but am I too young? Oh well, Perrie and Zayn act like they are married even though they aren't. I see a shop then drag Louis into it. He doesn't groan or anything, just tags along with me. e separate hands as I run over to the shoe section. Everything is expensive here, well do you think that Louis Vuitton is cheap? I pick out a pretty pair of forest green patent heels. I try them on and walk around the store in them. Might as well see if they are comfortable. Just then Louis pops out of no where and scares me to death. 

"Louis!" I say as I gently hit his arm

"Babe, you should try on this!" He pulls out a beautiful, really tight dress that matches the heels. 

"Louis... its beautiful!"

"Well try it on?" I grab the dress out of the his hands and walk to the dressing room, he follows me then takes a seat outside my dressing room. I slip off my clothes and jump into the dress. I try zipping it up but I can't all the way. I walk out of the dressing room to see Lou on his phone. 


"Wha-... whoa Eleanor you look hot!" I blush at his comment. 

"Thanks, can you just zip me up?"

He gets off the chair and zips up the dress, he is so close to me it sends shivers down my spine at his breathe. I turn around and fix the dress looking in the mirror. I do have to say I look stunning. I turn around to get Louis's opinion on the dress. He's speechless, literally. I have no clue if he likes it or not.

"Well?" I say looking at him

"WOW Eleanor, your gorgeous, beautiful, and all mine." I laugh before he leans in for a kiss. He grabs my waist and pulls me forward.

"Whoa there Tomlinson." He laughs as I tangle my fingers in his hair. We are soon interuppted my one of the sales clerk. 

"Yes. Sorry". I say not really apologizing. I go back into the dressing room and change into my regular clothes. I walk out with the heels and dress. 

"Now you what something to wear tonight!" he says smiling as he gives his credit card to the cashier. I end up buying an entire outfit.  Its a total of  something really expensive. I feel bad for spending Louis' money like that, even though he says its fine. 

We walk out of the store with my bags in hand.

"So where are we going tonight?" I ask

"Somewhere with the guys and girls. Just wear that dress tonight." He ends the sentence with a wink. I laugh and we keep on walking.  A few minutes later we meet up with everyone and I see Niall and Claire hand in hand. 

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