What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


90. Our Parents

Claire's POV:

I hear a knock at the door, and walk out of the kitchen hoping its Niall. I take a breathe then open the door finding the bell boy with a menu in his hand. Actually a couple. He hands them to me. And I smile back towards him, then closing the door. I pick my phone from my pocket and order all the pizzas that sound good. 

I smirk at my total for it being close to $170 for just 7 people. I get off the phone and walk tell Harry that I'm leaving. I close the door and walk to the elevator and click the "lobby" button. There is a group of people in the elevator car with me so it somewhat helped me when they were attacked by a small population of screaming, mad fans. I quickly walk over to the gift shop, raiding there soda part of the coolers and fridges and grabbing a pack of beer. I drag all the drinks up to the counter and earn a stare from the checker. I pull out my ID and pay for the drinks by charging them to the room. I put them in a bag and carefully carry them back to the elevator rushing in and clicking my floor's button. It opens and I knock on the door but no one answers. I groan because I know Harry is in there. I set down the drinks gently not wanting to spill on the floor. I slide my room key in the slot and get a green light at the handle and push the lever down and open the door. I stop the door from closing with my foot and bring the drinks in. I place them on the counter and then see Harry on the phone with someone. 

"Um, yeah I can't tonight. Sorry maybe another." He says into the phone obviously not seeing me next to him. I hear some talking on the phone but I can't even tell if it was a boy or girl.

"Because I am hanging out with my other friends!" I heard him raise his voice. Whoa, i would hate to be on the other side. I hear a high pitched voice knowing it was a girl he was talking to. I wonder if this was the girl he met. 

"Look, I'm sorry, but I'm busy, with just my friends, no one you know." I hear her voice again and he speaks.

"No she won't be here, she's um... gone." He stomps his feet on the floor and tells her 

"Hey gotta go, people are here." Wow, nice excuse Harry. He hangs up the phone and throws it onto the other couch.

"Harry, who was that?" I ask softly already knowing who it was.

"It was her; Kate, the girl I met and told you about."

"Oh. She seemed somewhat angry on the phone." I tell him.

"Ya, she doesn't really like Hannah and she thinks we are dating so, she is a bit clingy."

"Yea I can see" I sigh. He laughs at me then I continue.

"How come you don't like her, I mean besides that she seems nice?"

"She is *Harry pulls out phone and shows Claire picture of Kate*, she's beautiful she  really is and nice and fun and adventurous but Hannah was that way, maybe even more, but Hannah has that flare inside of her, that I want. Not Kate. I love Hannah, always, and I won't stop." I rub his back then there is a knock at the door. I get up and open finding Liam and Sophia there.

I awkwardly let them in, wondering how I am going to survive with Zayn, Perrie, and Niall.


Louis' POV:

El is looking mighty fine tonight. I watch her as she slips on her shoes and fixes her hair. SHe doesn't need to though, she is beautiful with out makeup and poofing her hair. I am disrupted by a knock at the door. She doesn't hear it so I et up form watching her and open the door to find my parents? Shit. 


Eleanor's POV:

I hear a knock at the door and realize its Lou's parents. I pretend not to hear it, causing him to get the door. I don't hear any reactions so I walk out to find them smiling and a weird look on his face. I thought he would be happy. I hope he is. I offer them a drink but the decline my politeness. I start to engage and try to get Louis to talk but he wouldn't budge. 

"Um, let me just go get my purse and then we are ready!" I say with a smile. I get up and walk up to the room and hear Louis walking behind me. I get in the room and after he walks in I shut it quietly. 

"What the hell was that about!" I whisper yell at Louis

"Me, how about you! How can you bring my parents half way around the world and not tell me about it?!" He raises back.

"Shh! They are going to hear you! And I flew them here so both our parents could meet and get to know each other before they become a family and we get married!" I say looking him in the eyes. 

"Look, Eleanor, right now isn't a good time to talk about this!" 

"Why not?" I say back angry as he is.

"Because!" He yells

"Tell me now Louis or I am going out there and you are coming with me whether we are getting married or not!" I say at his loud tone now. He looks at me in the eyes, and I can't believe what I just said. I basically threatened to call the wedding off. I gasp and step back because of the hurt in his eyes. 

"Because El, before I went to the x-factor I got in this massive fight with them. That was part of the reason why I tried out. And when we started touring the world and places, I didn't really need to see them because I couldn't. We still haven't made up for it I don't know if it is too late or not. I wish I did sooner. That's why." I soak up all the things he told me. I get up not knowing what I am doing but I hug him. He hugs back and I kiss him on the forehead feeling weird cause he would be the one to do that. He stokes my hair and a few seconds later I pull away remembering that we have guests. 

"Common, maybe this dinner can help with your apology." I say pulling him off of the bed. 

"You think so?" He stops me and looks right into my eyes.

"Definitely" I  say smiling. I grab my purse and we walk hand in hand out to them. They look up at us and I smile trying to  make it way less awkward do to our moment a few seconds ago. They stand up and Mr. Tomlinson opens the door for me and his mom. We walk out and we are on our way. Hopefully for a good night. 

A/N: In real life Louis' parents are divorced.... so just pretend Louis' mom remarried. 


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