What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


63. Morning Surprises

Claire's POV:

I wake up on the couch still in my clothes from the concert last night. My head was throbbing loudly and it hurt. I noticed Zayn passed out on the couch with Perrie next to him. Eleanor fell asleep behind the couch and Louis is sleeping with his mouth open on the table. I laugh at the thought then hold my head because it hurts. I feel something around my waist and see a pair of arms snaked around my waist- Liam I kiss his hands and he laughs, then I realize thats not Liam's laugh its Niall's.

My eyes widen up and I jump out of his arms. I looked at him then run away to the bathroom. What did I do last night? Did I kiss him? Why did I feel so safe in his arms? I remembered the warm, fuzzy feeling I had last night. It was Niall the whole time. And I still had feelings for my ex, Niall Horan. 

I walk to the bathroom to see a sleepy Liam next to the lou. I see my face and the mirror and grip the counter as I see my reflection in the mirror. I looked like crap, worst than crap. All y makeup was smeared under my eyes, my shirt was hanging off my shoulder my hair looked like a squirrel attacked it, and I don't even want to talk about my breath. 

I wake up Liam with a good morning kiss, his eyes slowly flutter open, showing off his bright and beautiful eyes.

"Good morning" he whispered

"Morning sunshine" I said back he looked at me then got up. We were inches apart from kissing. We pulled my in by my waist and we kissed. Once again no sparks, not even baby ones. I pulled away with regret in my eyes. 


"Yes Princess"

"Be honest with me okay?"

"Always" he replied back

"When we kiss do you feel anything?" I said looking into his eyes


Niall's POV:

I walked down the hall to see Claire and Liam kissing. THey broke apart and then CLaire started asking Liam questions. I needed to go but for this I could wait. 

"When we kiss do you feel anything?" I heard hear soft voice say. Liam hesitated hen answered

"Truth?" I saw her out of the corner of my eye nod. He sighed and then hesitated more. I wanted to go in there and ask him that myself, this might be my chance to get Claire back. I didn't even do anything. 

"Truth is, well the first time we kissed I felt something, but not anymore"

"Same here.... friends?" I hear her say

"Best" he replies, she giggles then I run down the hall not wanting to be seen by them. I was smiling so wide I wanted the world to see. I opened Hannah's door to her room, seeing her laying next to a shirtless Harry. I wasn't sure if he had clothes on and same with here but I hoped for the best. I walked into their room next to her light and yanked the cord down. It turned out the light and then I saw shuffling under the bed. 

"What the hell Niall?" she whines at me. 

"Nevermind" I say walking out of the room. I know she doesn't want to here me but I'll tell her soon. 

ABout an hour later we are all in the center and eating breakfast and watching the telly. The girls decided to watch some reality tv show while the boys and I eat. We all order room service with me ordering the most. 

I notice Hannah quickly get up and then run to the bathroom holding her stomach. But why though? She stays in there for about 15 minutes then comes back out. She's completely pale with her eyes glossy. She starts eating again then once again is interuppted by her food coming back up. This was nasty, you could hear her all the way from the bathroom. Claire gets up and walks to the bathroom closes the door, and I assume takes care of the situation. We go back to eating until Claire comes running out of the bathroom with her purse and keys.


Hannah's POV:

Yippee! The feelings of pregnancy- already. I had been in here 2 times already not feeling any better. I here a knock on the door and before I answer Claire walks in. 

"Hey there" I try to respond when I lean my head into the toilet so my food could resurface. I was showing all the signs of pregnancy. We stay silent for a few more seconds until Claire screams out. 




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