What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


70. McDonalds

A/N: So I decided to keep the book going, but there will be a tiny time skip. I'll tell you when!


Liam's POV:

I was still in the center when Harry and Hannah just had this fight. Woah, Hannah's going back to Josh, but is Harry the father? I didn't feel like it was the right time since Harry was on his knees crying. When Hannah opened the door to leave I heard the fans still waiting on the main floor. That means they saw Hannah crying and somewhat of her suitcase. There are paparazzi down there. Did they hear Harry yell, because we could even though his door and the front door was shut. I see everyone's heads peaking out of their room. I put my phone in my pocket and start to get up when I see Louis approach him. I back away knowing Louis will be better in this type of situation. They had this special bond, like girls do. They could read each others emotions with out speaking. I sit back down next to Claire and Louis slings Harry's arm over his neck. He guides Harry to his room, and they both step in closing the door after them.

"What just happened?" I whisper to Claire fearing that Harry will hear me and get more upset.

"Well, Hannah wasn't on the plane is because she was with Josh, he kidnapped her and then made her have sex with him to let her go. And so she did, to get back to Harry. And next thing you know Hannah is pregnant with Josh's child. Hannah told him that and he stormed off and that's how we are here right now." she says softly 

"Oh" is the only thing I can say. I walk back to my room and making sure I pass Harry's room, I could barely hear anything but I heard two voices and some stuffed up noses. I kept walking to my room with my brain filled with thoughts about this.


Louis's POV:

I get Harry up and put his arm over my neck to support him. I drag him to his room and then lay him in a chair. Its really bright in here with the curtains open. I walk over to them to shut them to make sure none of the paparazzi are spying on us. I pull the right curtain over then I reach for the left when I trip over something. It's Hannah's bag. She didn't take it. 

Harry's head are in his hands now and he is still crying. 

"Lou-- I messed up. Now she is going back to Josh, maybe he was a b-better boyfriend than-n me-e." He says snufflling. "Harry you know that's not true. Did you see the happiness in her eyes when you were together? It's like nothing that could separate you to."

"Except me" he said

"That's okay. She'll come back. If she loved you so much to come back for you in New York then she'll come back. Don't worry she'll be here soon."

"How soon?" He questions me with his puffy green eyes that have hurt all over them. I don't know the answer to that. I'm just trying to cheer him up. Obviously it wasn't working.

It was dark in the room, but you could still see some things. I had to get back to Harry's question, I couldn't lie to him. I couldn't go and get Hannah. Neither can he. 

"Soon, really soon" I opened my arms up for a hug a he saw. He came over and hugged me with no energy. I hugged back with a tight grip on around his arms and stroked his hair. About 20 minutes later he feel asleep and I placed him on the bed. I got some blankets out of put them over him. I made the room completely dark and then turned the door knob of the room and walked out.  


Hannah's POV:

There was one thing I know- that I am not going back to Josh. Or Harry. I walked out of the hotel with people yelling questions at me and bright flashes going off. I covered my eyes with my hands trying to not let them see that I was crying. I didn't want this whole thing to explode by telling them what happened. More importantly I didn't want to 'blow up' One Direction. I reached for the door and shoved my self through the sliding doors. New York was cold but not as much as Ireland and England. I walked out not knowing where to go so I walked into the McDonalds around the corner. It was hot in there, all the people in there. I stepped in the line to get my food. I was in the middle of the line when somebody tapped me on the shoulder. Harry. Please don't be. I beg myself. I slowly turn myself around to see my friend from high school. My high school love. Well before Josh asked me out. And I look like a mess. 

"Oh god! You scared me!" I laugh trying to be happy.

"You look different" he says looking at me

"Oh I'm sorry I look like this, I normally don't, I mean I do but not like his, but ughhh" I say. Wow what a total embarrassment I am. He laughs at me. I'm confused if its good or bad.

"Hey, aren't you dating that guy named Harry Styles?" he says looking up at the menu

"Um, not anymore" I say looking down at me feet.

"Oh sorry about that"

Oh its fine. I had a feeling it wasn't going to work out."  I told him. I wanted to punch myself right now. It's not going to be fine. And I thought we were actually going to have a future together. 

We are at the front of the line and I walk up to the lady standing behind the counter. I never eat fastfood, but I was tired from crying and saw that this place sold cheap and fast making food. 

"How may I help you" she says in a snotty tone

"Hi, can I just have a 1 cheeseburger meal please?" 

"Sure. That will be $4" I dig in my pocket and pull out a 10 dollar bill when Michael places the money I owe on the counter. 

"Please stop. I have money." I said to him. 

"No, I want to." he says pushing my hand towards the pocket.

It makes me blush and I turn around to get my food. We find an empty table and I eat there while he asks questions. About everything, except Harry. And I loved it. We talked for an hour before we left and went for coffee.

I think that I was falling in love with my high school love all over again.

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