What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


25. Management

Hannah's POV: 
 Me and Harry had been laying here for two hours. But I never wanted to leave. 

"Harry....Harry....HAZZA!" I said, getting louder each time I said his name. He was asleep, so to tease him, een though I regret that im gonna say this....
"I'm gonna see Josh" a second later his eyes popped open, and I chuckled" 
"NO." he said seriously 
"Harry I was joking, anyways Im going to get something to eat, I'm feeling better"  I say getting up. He starts laughing for no reason, then I realize, that hospital gowns they give us are somewhat see through. 
"Seriously Harry? Common be mature" I scold 
I put on some clothes that fit me, Harry said he brought me them. They were just baggy black sweats and a long sleeve teal sweater. My hair was pointing out in different directions, and breathe was nasty. But Harry didn't seem to care. He joined me and we walked arm in arm/hand in hand to the hospital café. I got a small turkey sand witch with apple juice, and Harry got chips and this weird taco/fajita thing. It must have looked good because he finished it within a minute. He gets up and throws his trash away, then talks to my doctor. I wonder what he said, but I was too focused on my food. He came back to the table with a huge grin on his face. It scared me a little bit, but then his dimples were showing and it made it all better. 

"We're going somewhere" he said in a creepy voice 
"And where is that?" i say still eating
"It's a surprise". in less than seconds I'm taken from the table, and had a coat thrown over me. He carried me piggy back style out of the hospital and into the cold Ireland air. He was strong, and I was surprised. We walked for about 10 minutes more, and then we stopped. My face was buried in his shoulder. 

Harry's POV: 
Her face was buried in my shoulder, the perfect way. I decided to get a Starbucks coffee then, take her to somewhere special Zayn told me about. 
"Hannah, we're here." I say carefully putting her down. I think she fell asleep, because  she didn't really stand up when I set her down. I laughed and then woke her up. We walked inside and picked out a table. I memorized her order from all the times we went as a group. She tried staying awake at the table, but slowly drifted back to sleep. I set the coffees down and tapped her shoulder, she woke up and took the coffee. 
I chuckled a little bit "Um, Hannah, that's my coffee" I say pointing to it
"Oh, I'm sorry" She  hands me the coffee. I take it. 
"Hannah, I have to tell you something, its about management. So since we are dating there's a problem, and they said that there's a meet and greet tonight, but"

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