What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


76. Last First Kiss

And with that I couldn't take it anymore. I was sobbing now. 

"Goodbye Harry. Have fun on tour" I say with no enthusiasm. He kisses me on the cheek making me miss him and break more. I run out of the room leaving him there. I speed walk out of the room, with Michael following me behind. 

He caught up to me and took the bag out of me hand to carry. I ignored his action and kept walking faster. We get out of the building and I look up one more time to the hotel door, seeing it closed as I left it. 

Michael guided me to his place. It was kind of small but kind off big. His apartment was only two blocks away from a plaza filled with food, shopping and happiness. He showed to me a guest bedroom. It was neat except the closet, hangers were on the floor and the shelving organizer looked like it was about to snap. I didn't care though. I only care about how my child is going to live without their father. Harry. Harry wasn't biologically their father but it was better than Josh. I haven't told Michael yet but I am planning on it soon. 

I gently refold my clothes and put them in my drawers. I change into my yoga pants and my twilight shirt. I slipped on my socks and climbed into the bed and covered myself with the blankets. I drift off too sleep about 5 minutes later and have the nightmare of how, I got here, how I got pregnant, how me and Harry aren't together anymore, how I have more than a hatred for Josh. And most of all how I love Michael. 

I try to wake up from the "dream" knowing what will happen next. But I can't I can feel the air getting thicker around me making it harder for me to breathe. A few seconds later I am shaken awake by a worried Michael. 

"Hannah!" he yells at me

"What?" I say confused

"Are you alright? I came in to see if you wanted dinner but you were crying and shaking. It scared me."

"Sorry about that, I'm just going through a hard time right now." I say with tears still flowing. 

"Oh ok. Do you wanna talk about it?" He pats his lap signaling me to go there. I pull the covers off of me and crawl into his lap. He puts his arms around me and rubs my forehead. Something Harry would do if I was sad. I shook the thought out of my head. I must have literally shook my head cause Michael looked down at me. 

"Tell me everything" he whispered into my hair. And I did. Everything. Even from when me and Harry met, to his reaction of my baby, and what happened when I was leaving. I looked up at him as he soaked in all the stuff I just told him. He looks down at me and I get lost into his eyes. My conscience was telling me no, but my actions told me and him yes. It was a light kiss, but nothing happened, but when Harry kissed me on the cheek I had a fuzzy feeling running through me. I guess over the past 1 1/2 things have changed. I was in love with his personality and his features its just nothing happened.

"Michael look, I just-"

"He cuts me off and speaks hat he thinks I am saying.

"I know, your not ready for a relationship yet. I'll wait. That kiss.... I loved it" But I didn't.

That was the last kiss that I'm gonna get from him, and the first kiss I have received from him in a while. 


Last First Kiss.

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