What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


20. Kissing her

Hannah POV:
I stood in the doorway of his room, and just looked at his almost lifeless body. Harry was strong, and Josh was too, but I didn't know how strong he was until today. I let go of Perrie and used some of the chairs to guide to his bed. When I finally reached his bed I was sobbing. He looked frozen, just laying there on the bed, just sleeping in one position. There were tons of x-rays on the walls of the room. I took the time t look at each and every one of them, carefully studying the small and big fractures and cracks. I don't know how someone could be so damaged by another, but today I figured that out. He was on one side, so there was just enough room for one other petite person. I slowly pled myself up on the bed, and laid next to him. Of course it was uncomfortable but i didn't care. We were both facing each other, which was the best for me. I stroked his messy curls that controlled his forehead. I observed his big and puffy, pink lips and held his hand. A few minutes later I fell asleep due to exhaustion. Even though we were both weak, I felt safe sleeping next to Harry.

Harry POV:
I woke up to a petite girl laying next to me. It took me a fe seconds to realize who it was- Hannah. She was so cute sleeping, and awake. I looked down to see our fingers that were binded together. I smiled at that. I wanted her to wake up so we could talk, but I wanted her to sleep. I leaned in to kiss her, right when her eye lids popped open. She noticed what was about to happen, and joined along. She leaned in too until are lips crashed onto each others. It was magical. I didn't know when people said fireworks go off, they actually meant it. It was more than fireworks, more than words. I knew we were meant for each other, way before the kiss.  To the day we met. (You guys already know the story).
We pulled away and I saw a small smile forming on her face. I laughed a little to see her like that. 
"Hi there" she whispered
"Hey" i said back softly
"Look Hannah, I was wondering if after this, you would like to go on a date with me?" I was beyond nervous when I asked her. I mean the kiss, was indescribable, but was it the same for her? When I asked her this question, her eyes light up, which made me happy. 
"That would be lovely Harry." She smiled as she stated her answer. We kissed a little more then stop because we were interrupted. It was Zayn and Perrie
"Oh sorry, we were just checking to see if you guys were okay." Perrie explained
"But now that I see this, I know you guys are okay" Zayn winked as her finished. Hannah laughed and so did I. 

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