What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


33. Kim?

Louis POV:

I was somewhat happy for Niall, I mean his heart was broken cause he thought Claire cheated on him. But I wasn't so happy that he was going to the pub. After one drink came a lot more, and next thing you know he and this random girl are pregnant. He never drank while he was with Claire. They are both old enough to its just Claire never really liked seeing Niall being drunk. I mean who did?    I was in my flat trying to see what to wear tonight. I heard that Zayn picked this super nice place to go. I have never heard of it but I thought that Eleanor is gonna love it. I laid everything on my bed, and slipped on a sweater, cause of the season right now. It almost got as cold and England in the winter. I picked up my keys and walked outside, but was attacked by screaming girls that were running at me. God one thing I hate about being famous is that you can't even go to bed with out fans shouting at you. But Paul had that situation handled.    I jumped into my car and drove off as fast as I could. A few minutes later I pulled up to the pub, to see Niall against his car. He had his back turned towards the entrance and looked like someone was in front of him. Shit. Is he already drunk? It's not even 6 o clock yet. I parked and walked up to him and "his" lady snogging. I ripped him off of her, earning a few swear words thrown at me.    "Heyyy Louuuuuuuuu" he slurred. Yep he was definetly drunk "Um, what the hell is going on? You already hooked up with someone!?" I spat. She didn't deserve him. Only Claire did. They were meant to be, I just knew it.  "Yea mann. This is… um whats your name?" he says turning around to the girl "Kim" she says with a preppy voice with a laugh in between her word.  "Oh yeah, Lou is issss Kimmm"  "Niall! Snap out of it! Kim doesn't want you! And you don't want her! Claire is your girl. And obviously has been!!" I shout at him. He laughs at me, then starts cracking up.  "Get, the, hell, out, of, here" he breathes he turns back around to Kim and starts snogging with her again. I leave hoping to never see that girl again. There was something about her that didn't agree with me.  Hopefully this dinner will help Niall and me. I race off in my car, when I get a phone call from...  
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