What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


38. Introducing Kim

Niall's POV:

I was yanked inside to see a beautiful woman standing in front of me. Kim had a tight deep red on, with dark eye make up, and high high heels. 

"Heyyyy" she somewhat slurred. Is she drunk?

"Hey babe. Are you drunk?"

She started laughing hysterically, then stopped.

"Hahaaahah, no. Just wanted to see your reaction."

"Oh okay" I say not really paying attention, her place- was a mess, and smelled too. It was nasty. I had to make up an excuse to leave this filthy place. 

"Uh, I think we should go now. The car is just outside" I reply not trying to touch anything. Kim was beautiful but messy. 

"Ya, one second I have to finish getting ready."

She stated snatching my hand and pulling me upstairs to her room. Her room was clean, except her bed and around it. The sheets of her bed were all mixed up and her clothes from when we met, were scattered around the room. Did she sleep with someone else? I mean, we are dating and she is coming on tour with me and the boys, so I guess not. 


"Hey Niall, do we have to go tonight?" she whined

"Uh yes! I want you to meet the boys. Common we're gonna be late!" I say sarcastically tapping my watch. She puts on more of that eye stuff that Claire would barely use. She had natural beauty. Never was messy. Always on time, and dressed well for the event. God I miss her. But I can't think about her. I have my own girlfriend now. Plus, I'll have 9 months too to get over her. Kim finally finishes and ruffles her hair. She looked like she was going to a night club or something like that. Claire would never dress that way. She was more beautiful that Kim. But oh well, she cheated on me. I shook my head to get the thought out of my head. When I looked up I saw Kim looking right at my with those shiny lips. I couldn't help myself. I leaned and kissed her lips roughly. We were already late, but I didn't care. When we were done snogging we were 25 minutes late. I picked up Kim, locked the door, and put her in the car and drove off to the restaurant. I parked the car then hoped out, walking to the other side to open the door for Kim. She was already getting out the car, when I reached for the door.

"I got it!" She huffed at me rudely. 


I replied softly. I got her arm, pulled her up and walked into the building holding hands. There was a massive decorative table, with Louis and Eleanor, Perrie and Zayn; Harry and Hannah, and Liam and someone other. I couldn't see who it was because of the menu blocking the persons face. When we reached the table I pulled out a chair for Kim and seated myself next to her. I saw Louis out of the corner of my eye rolling his eyes. I knew he wasn't gonna get along with Kim. I hadn't told anyone that she's going on tour with us, but I thought it would be a fun surprise. I cleared my throat earning the groups attention.

"Hey everybody. This is Kim, and she's my girlfriend." 

"Nice to meet you!" Eleanor said with a smile

Kim rolled her eyes at her and then kept on looking at her menu. 

"Ok the. Kim this is Perrie, Zayn, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and my sister Hannah, Liam and-" the girl with the menu in her face pulled it down, and looked up slowly into my eyes. Claire

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