What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


35. I Love You!

Niall's POV: I left the bar after me and Kim were done. I had invited her to the dinner tonight so she could meet my the boys and everyone else. It's gonna be awkward cause when Zayn told me about this I thought that it was bonn be me and Claire. Kim was a little younger than me. I think by a year or two. But she was gorgeous and hot at the pub.    I didn't even got her number, just her address. Which might come in handy later on. I don't know what her personality is like, and what she looks like with out tight clothes on. But when we kissed there was somewhat of a spark in it. And it was a different spark than what me and Claire's kiss was like. I was going to pick up Kim in a few moments and in that time I decided to eat. My head still hurts a lot and quiet noises feel like an explosion went off.    This restaurant must be pretty nice because I was told to wear a suit. I tied up the laces on my shoes and walked out to my car. Thank god she lived fairly close, because  it was hard to keep my eyes on the road.    I jumped out of the car, and pounded on her door. She opened it and I was yanked inside.    Hannah's POV:   Me and Harry had been spending the entire time together, mostly at the coffee shop together. I had regained all my memory back. And I was so happy about that. Harry invited me to this dinner thing at a really fancy restaurant. He told me to dress really nice, since the girlfriends were gonna be there. I haven't seen what Danielle is like so I want to make a good impression. We packed up our stuff and threw on our jackets. He opened my door for me, and I hopped in. He ran around the front of the car and started it.   He took my hand, but kept his eyes on the road.    "Hey Hannah, so we are leaving tomorrow for the tour at 2 in the morning, so be ready"   "Wait, What!!? Tomorrow morning? How come you didn't tell me this earlier?!"   "I guess I forgot. Sorry, But don't worry I can buy you clothes when we go there" he states in a relaxed tone.   "No Harry. I'm not letting you do that. Save your money for something that you want."   "But the thing that I want. I already have it" H winked at me, then kissed my hand. I blushed  uncontrolled. In less then a couple minutes we were at my flat, with Liam's car in the front.    "What is Liam doing here?"    "I don't kn-" he got cut off my a recognizable girl getting out from the passenger side. What was Claire doing with Liam?   "What the?" I said confused   "I don't know babe. but be ready in about an hour, I'll come and pick you up"    "Thanks Hazza"   He pulled my in close for a kiss, and we did. It was a short one though cause Claire was at the front door waiting for us. I closed the door and ran up to the porch and pulled out my keys. Harry rolled down the window and yelled three familiar words that Josh always said to me.    "I love you Hannah!"   I turned around with a weird look on my face. I didn't know what to do. Did I really love him? Yea I did. I think and hope. I ran back to the car.  I stuck my head in the car and whispered the same phrase he just said. He was about to kiss me when I pulled away, earning a groan from him.   "Pick me up in an hour Styles".  


I skipped my way back to the house like a little girl would. I closed  the door, and walked up the stairs to see Claire rummaging through my closet. Why though?
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