What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


19. Hearing about Harry

I had no clue what had just happened or why it did. I was still in the hospital. But something was different. It was more quiet. I mean hospitaks are quiet in general, but it just felt weird. I saw Perrie and Zayn in the back of my room. They were talking, which was a surprise, because Harry told that all the do is kiss, and are very affectionate  towards each other. I looked up and Zayn, noticed and he came over to my bed side tables, poured me a glass of water. I drank it in one gulp, then started. 
"Zayn?" I asked
"What love?"
"What happened" I asked curiously 
"Well, Josh came and visited you, and next thing you know him and Harry are fighting for some reason, and then you passed out" he explained  as I started to cry. 
"But right before you passed out Harry said... that... he um.... loves you" Perrie said while getting up and sitting on my bed.
"What?! That's not true. I mean me and Harry are best friends. I mean i love him as family, and a best friend. And his curls, and bright green orbs. With that raspy voice of his..." I went off
Zayn and Perrie gave me the eyes and then I noticed that I did have something for Harry.
"I think I do love him too" I barely say. 
All I hear is a high pitched 'AWWW' coming from Perrie. 
I rolled my eyes then started asking more questions; I got the answers, and found out that, Josh did really cheat on me and that he was only with me to become famous, cause Niall's my brother. The fight was about me, and that my mother didn't make it through. She died at my house with several large pieces of glass in her head. Claire is trusting everyone right now, so she can get to know 'herself' better. Josh is in bad condition but not as bad as Harry. It took 3 secruity people to get Josh off of Harry. He was also on life support like me and Claire.
"So Harry really does love me, to fight for my/his life?" I questioned quietly with tears streaming out of my eyes. 
"Yes, he does, he's in room 609 which is around the corner. Do you want me to take you there?" Perrie asked
"Yea. Please"
We walked down to his room, but mostly I was leaning on Perrie. She was an amazing girl. And Zayn was lucky to have her. 

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