What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


40. Hannah.

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you like the book so far!! What about that dinner scene huh? Hahaha So in the book its about the beginning of October. Enjoy!! 


Hannah's POV:

I stil can't believe that Claire and Liam are dating but I was happy for her, and also that we are leaving in a few hours. 

"Harry no wonder why Liam was at my house earlier. He was dropping off Claire." I whispered in his ear.

"As long as he wasn't visiting you" he says seriously. I hit in the arm, earning stares from around the table. 

"Oh my god Harry I can't believe you don't trust me." I really can't believe he doesn't trust me. I decide to ignore him the rest of the night. He didn't get it until he started to leave and I slept in the guest room. Besides that dinner was a disaster. I figured out by the end of the night that Kim was only with Niall for the fame. I felt so bad for him. I mean I love him. 


(He's my brother.) (You guys probably fort that :p)


I couldn't really sleep so I left to go to my place to pack I only had an hour to pack my suitcase for 9 months. I wrote Harry a note, and placed it over his phone I kissed his hand and left. I didn't drive my car, so I just took Harry's. I was afraid that I was gonna crash, since its so nice. 

I carefully and slowly drove to my flat. I parked in my driveway. And walked inside. I was so tired from dinner. When I had good food it was hard to stay awake. I dragged out my bulky suitcase from the bottom of my closet. I literally threw every piece of clothing I saw into the suitcase. I went into the bathroom and and took a shower.

I let the water hit my skin for what seemed like forever. I started massaging the shampoo in my hair when I heard a crash come from down stairs. I turned off the water and put on my robe with soap suds still in my hair. I didn't know what to do. I was always protected by Harry. My phone was in my room.

Thank god, my bathroom was connected to my room. I locked  the outside bathroom door, and tip toed to my room. I picked up my phone from my bed side table. I tried dialing Harry's number but I was too scared. Finally I got the number and dialed. It rang and rang forever. Until I heard a raspy hello through the phone.

"Harry!" I whisper yelled


"He-" is all I got to until I saw the figure it was a tall and broad figure


Harry's POV:

I didn't know why Hannah was calling me when she was here with me. I turned on the light. Read the note that was on my bedside table. And the last thing I heard was a high pitched scream that came through the phone.




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