What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


89. Going home and having dinner

Hannah's POV:

I text Niall the directions to where I am once he lands here. I get a quick text back saying that he is on his way. The feeling of relief flushes through my body after I see his response. I'm still in the lobby of another hotel only less than a block away from my old place that I called home in the beginning. 

I pick up my bags walking over to the gift shop to buy something. I throw my bags on the ground and walk inside going to the food part of the shop. I pull out my money for a coke and some fruit with a small candy bar. Weird right. My appetite has changed so much in my pregnancy. And I have to say that it is really annoying that a tiny baby controls how I want to sleep and eat and basically do everything. 

I drop the change into my small purse and walk towards the door to see a blonde guy walk past the gift shop a few seconds ago. I quickly open the door and yell his name.

"Niall!" He turns around to see me and his face is in utter shock. Well obviously cause the last time he saw me I was a month pregnant and now I have less than two months and I'm bigger than a killer whale.

"Hannah! Wow, you've um changed" He says hugging me. 

"I know Niall. Now can we get out of here?" 

"Yea. The car is just outside. Thank god nobody saw me though." He said picking up my bag and rolling my suitcase. I get outside to see a black land rover. 

"Did you drive? And how did you get the car?"

"Yes I drove, and I just rented it from the airport people." I missed his accent. Its kinda weird not seeing him for 5-6 months when I barely see him every 2 years. He puts my stuff in the trunk then hops into the car and buckles himself in after he closes the door. For me I put my stuff on the car divider and use the handle at the top he hoist myself up. I finally get in the car and earn a bizarre face from him.

"What?" I snap, reaching for the seat belt.

"Um, nothing. So whats the gender?"

"I don't know I want it to be a surprise. So in a few months you are going to have a niece or nephew!" I say smiling. 

"Yep. Any names?" He says pulling out onto the street. 

"Um haven't really thought about that yet, but I will soon."

"Oh okay. Well I was in the hotel in Seattle and I found a list of baby names and it was Harry's handwriting." What? Harry coming up with names for my child? Well deep in my mind one day I want it to be ours.

"Oh" is the only thing that comes out of my mouth. But really I wanted to know the names on the list. 

"Here" He says pulling his phone out of his pocket, finding a picture of the list. I make the picture bigger so I can see the names. In fact I love all of them, every single name.


Anna, Natalie, Sophia, Veronica,  Anne, Ava, Olivia and Darcy


James, Mason, Carter, Marcel, and Niall

"Niall? Harry really wrote that?" I say questioning my brother.

"Eh, I like Niall Styles" I give him a face that makes him speak again

"Then Niall." He says. I look at him and start busting out laughing. I'm laughing so hard I feel like I am going to pee in my pants. He gives me a nervous laugh and email the picture of the list to myself without him knowing. I exit out of the camera roll and hand him his phone. I put the candy on my bag for the flight and open the coke drinking half the bottle. I twist the cap back on and we arrive at the airport.

"Stay here" Niall instructs me. He slides out of the car and walks over to the vallet people and hands him the car keys. He comes back with another guys. They open the trunk and pull out my suitcases. The guy that was next to Niall disappears with my luggage and I hope its heading towards the plane we are about to fly on. Niall closes the trunk and opens my door helping me out. He links his arm through mine and we walk towards a plane already about to take off.

"Really Niall a private plane?"

"Yep".  We walk up a ramp and into the plane to talk our seats. 

Eleanor's POV:

Mom was coming and I really hope dad is as well. We are meeting at a nice restaurant a few minutes away from the center of Washington. I was super excited too because for the first time my parents were meeting Louis'. I convinced his parents to fly from Doncaster to here. It was a surprise. My parents didn't know. I just hope they at least are civil towards each other. I walk into our room to see Louis dressed in some dark nice jeans, somewhat loafers a grey dress suit jacket and a shirt with a graphic on it. (His Teen Choice Awards 2013 Outfit). All I had to do was was change my clothes and brush my teeth and we are ready to go. I sent out the directions to both parents but I suggested Louis' parents to stop by before dinner. I put on a cute white dress and added some dark red high heels with a strap around the ankle. I slipped on a long gold necklace and poofed out my hair to give it some volume. I just finished with the hairspray hearing a knock at the door knowing his parents are here.

(Eleanor's Outfit is on my Polyvore)

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