What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


96. Girl or Boy?

Claire's POV:

I see a tired Niall next to me and I brush his hair back softly earning a snore from him. I laugh and then rub my eyes, adjusting to the light peeking through the hotel curtains. This hotel room we got is more like the size of a big apartment. It as everything and anything. I pull the covers off and I slowly move out of bed and walk into the center to see 3 boys asleep on the floor and Zayn and Harry are drooling. Liam's face is in his hat, like you would see in the old western movies. I peer at the clock to see it is almost noon. They never sleep this late. I walk into the kitchen part of the hotel and see the the whole entire table covered in beer bottle and some alcohol. My mouth drops at the sight of them there are at least 30 bottles here and that is way too much for  3 people. I turn around and see Perrie walk into the kitchen and takes a seat at the beer filled table. 

"Care to explain?" I say raising my eyebrow. I didn't really care just was wondering. 

"The boys and I got bored so they went out and bought some drinks." She said. I guess she thought I was mad because she put on a puppy dog face to try to release some tension. 

"Did Sophia drink any?" I ask quietly 

"No, she didn't she was just on her phone and fell asleep before we went crazy" She laughed. Maybe Sophia is right for Liam.

"Okay" I reply back and I walk over to the corner of the room to see a plastic bag and I pick it up and hand it to Perrie. 

"Whats this?" she snaps at me.

"You are cleaning this up!" I say.

"By myself?" She asks like it is the hardest thing in the world. 

"No the boys too" I walk over to them and yell at them playfully. The immediately wake up and cuss me out. They rub there faces and I tell them to clean their mess up. They all groan but so their chore. I walk back to the room and take a quick shower and dress in some sweats and one of Niall's sweatshirts. I pull my hair up into a messy bun and walk back. I see that thre is no sign of alcohol in here and Sophia is awake. 

Hannah's POV:

"I can't be here, Harry needs to be"  He tells me. I don't even get to respond back because he is pushed out of the room and the surgery begins. I feel a slight pain but I'm glad for these drugs and nurses who are literally next to me for the whole surgery. There is a curtain that divides me from the doctors and I feel pressure being released. Was I a mother now? The nurse rubs my head and I want Harry to be here. But I might regret it if he actually comes. I can't really remember why I left, but everyday I wonder the same question. Has he found somebody? I doze off to sleep and a few hours later I am awakened by a doctor and a nurse. They have smiles on their faces and I already know that I am a mom. I let small long tears run but I notice that my baby isn't hear. 

The doctor sits on the side of my bed and says

"Ms. Horan, the surgery went fantastic and you are a mom. At 1:56 p.m. you gave birth to your first daughter. She was 7 lbs and 5 oz. which is surprising since she was premature. She is 18 inches and awake. You can take her home in a few days." All I can get out is a nod and he asks "Would you like to meet her?" Well duh! She's my daughter I say silently.

"Yes please." The nurse brings in a tiny baby with a pink beanie on and she is wrapped in a blanket. She is awake and when I hold her I break down. I stroke her face and take in every single detail and feature of her. Her nose, eyes the way she blinks and opens and closes her mouth. I kiss her head and one of the nurses interuppted this precious moment.

"What's her name?" I knew exactly. I smiled at her and whispered her her name and then said it louder.

"Olivia Anne." What Harry wanted. I felt proud but the weird thing is that her eyes matched Harry's and the tiny pieces of her hair were chocolate brown. I was confused but see somewhat looked like Josh. I took the thought out of my head and saw a grinning Niall by the door. I held Olivia out and he held her like she was his child. 

"She's beautiful." he said. At this point it was only Niall, me and Olivia in the room. 

"Olivia Anne" I said. He looks up at me and knows that those names where on that list. He smiled at me then her, and handed her back to me.

"When are you going to tell Harry?"

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