What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


44. Getting Ready

Claire's POV:

After I finally got Liam o stop tickling me I hopped in the shower. I couldn't take my time since we had to go to the airport in 20 minutes.

I quickly washed my hair skipping the shampoo. I ran my sharp razor over my legs and armpits. I turned off the hot water, and wrapped myself in a towel. I tied my hair up into a messy bun to keep it out of my face. Liam wasn't in the room and neither was my bag.

Thank god I left my clothes laid on the bed, because I would have to go down stairs with only  a towel, Zayn and Perrie might be down there.... even worse Niall.

I slipped on my shiny black leggings, and my bra. I was wearing my tan sweater with those British guards that never move. Liam got it for me, and it was the most comfiest sweater I owned. I put my fuzzy snowman socks on, slipping my black lace-up high heel boots.

(look on polyvore)

My hair was naturally straight so I plugged my curler in and started to curl big curls. I dabbed my eye shadow with my brush, and started to apply it. I put on a thin line of eyeliner with a little wing at the end. I pulled my mascara out of my purse and slapped on 2 coats. I looked at myself in the mirror, but to find another person standing behind me.

"Your beautiful. And I want you" I didn't know how to act since nobody really said that to me besides Liam. 

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