What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


88. Get together

Claire's POV:

What was that? I didn't want Niall to go. We needed to talk about something. Something that I am afraid to tell him. That might crush our relationship, but might not. His last words linger in the air as I try to grasp them before they disappear. 

I have no clue how long he will be, but he said it was a short errand. I trust him, but when he told me I felt like he was hiding something. That I wanted to know. 

I'm on the couch watching the television when I hear a knock on the door. It couldn't be Niall because he just left and I didn't have family anywhere near here. I jump off the couch and onto the ground, flattening my hair from my actions. I walk over to the door to look through the peep hole to see a familiar person white brown heavy curls and green orbs. I open the door and start the conversation.

"Hey Harry! What are you doing here?" I tried to say in a happy tone. I mean I am happy but a little sad that Niall couldn't trust me. 

"Can I just come in." He commanded instead of asking. I gave him a confusing look.

"Please?" I open the door all the way so he can come in. He sits down on the couch and puts his face in his hands. He rubs his face and pushes back his crazy hair and looks up at me. And starts the conversation this time.

"Claire, I met someone" He looks sad and ashamed of himself.

"Really?! Oh Harry, thats great!" I say with excitement and hug him. 

"No it's not!" He yells. I guess I look scared because he apologized. 

"Sorry, Claire but it's not. I still think and know that Hannah is the one for me not her. I still love Hannah. I just wish she could see that." I see a tiny but clear tear roll off of his cheeks.

"I'm sorry Harry. I wish I knew where she was too. If I did I would help." It seems like some weight came off of his shoulders because he looked up and pulled me into hug him. I was caught off guard but then hugged him back. I pulled away a few seconds later. And talked to him. 

"Do you want anything?"

"Yes some tea." He replies. I laugh and get up walking to the kitchen. I pull a mug out from the counter with the other expensive hotel goodies. I put some water on the stove and let it heat up. 

Its been different traveling from place to place every week but the best thing is that it's with Niall. And we are together. Apparently I look weird or something because Harry comes in and laughs at me. 

"What?" I snap back.

"You okay?"

"Um, no not really just worried." I say back.

"About what?" He seems interested but I have no clue. Niall though. He wouldn't cheat on me. Would he? No he wouldn't. I physically shake the thought out of me head earning a lets-go-to-a-theripst-or-something-because-your-mental look. I should tell Harry.

"Its about-" but I am cut off by the kettle screaming at me. Thank god. I was having second thoughts about Harry. But why am I so worried about Niall? I pour the hot water in the cup adding the tea bag next. I shove the tea at him then push him away almost spilling the scalding hot tea all over him. He laughs then walks away. I walk over to the table and decide to invite some people over, but first I text Niall.

'Hey Niall, when are you going to be back? Just wondering, what I should do for dinner.'

 Wow. Did I sound desperate? Yea I did, especially in the last part. I send the text and then start calling people. I start a group call as people join in. 

"Hey you guys wanna do something all together?" I ask Perrie, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, and Liam. I'm not mad anymore at Liam, but I want to know if it was the reason why we broke up. 

"Sorry Claire me and Louis have a um thing tonight. Maybe next time!" I hear El chirp.

"What is this thing I may ask of?" Louis asks in one of his many voices. 

"I already told you. And its at 4"

"Ohhh. Gotcha. Well obviously I'm out." I hear Louis say, and he hangs up on the group.

"So what about you guys?" I ask the remaining.

"Um can I bring a friend.... like Sophia?" I hear Liam shyly ask. I sigh and give my answer.

"Yea sure Liam. I mean she is your girlfriend!" I say with the girlfriend part a little harsher than the other words I just said. 

"Thanks Claire! Be there in an hour with her!" Liam says in a excited tone.

"Ya I can come" Perrie says breaking the silence.

"Me too" Zayn says after Perrie. 

"Great, be here in an hour or so" They hang up. And I go to the kitchen of our hotel room to find the lobby's number. I dial it on the phone they provide us. It rings only once and I man answers it.

"Hello how may I help you today?" He says in a poshy tone.

"Hi, may I have a menu for the nearest pizza place here?"

"Ma'am, we have a fine variety of tasty piz-" I cut him off.

"No, that won't do, so may I have the number please?" I hear him huff cause he just lost some money. 

"Yes ma'am. I will send you up a menu too. What room?" 

"Its room 41 on the 11th floor"

"Will do." I hang up and check my phone to see if Niall has texted me back. Nope. I hear a knock on the door hoping its Niall. 

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