What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


80. Free One Direction Stuff!

Harry's POV:

I didn't get the part that my happiness is right around the corner. I knew it was her as my happiness, but was she literally around the corner? Or will she be?

I think to myself as my head falls back and hits the door, after a few minutes of silence and crying I hear the door open and hear my best friends talking. I have to tell them. But they probably already know. 


Claire's POV:

We all walk in and I turn on the lights. But my tears start to sting my eyes. Kim. She's still here. But why? Niall didn't break up with her. I get in front of him, and put my hand firmly on his chest before he leans in to steal a kiss. 

"Niall." I whimper

"Why is she still here?" I croak. Niall looks over my shoulder to see Kim staring at us. He rubs his forehead. He walks past me, and goes over to Kim. I can hear him. I've never heard him talk like this before, it scared me. 

"I told you the fuck out of here.... I never loved you." She shoves him and grabs her stuff quickly out of her room and walks towards the door. Right as she passes me she whispers int my ear- "Slut". I take a deep breathe before she walks out the door and slams it. I let one tear fall before I realize that I sort of am. I mean Niall, Liam, then back to Niall? I walk past Niall, and make sure I look into his eyes. He grabs my hand and leads me to his room. He locks the door, although I can't stand the smell. It smells like alcohol, everywhere. Has Niall been drinking?

"Niall have you been drinking?"

"No. It was Kim" he tightened his fast, as he opens the window. It doesn't help at all because of all the fans. I have to yell to Niall because they are so loud. He laughs. He opens the door to the balcony and steps on. Jus when I thought it couldn't get louder, it got louder. He shushed the crowd by putting his hands it a downward position. He ran inside to grab a big white board and white board pen. He started writing when the fans started screaming again. He shushed again but this time he put his finger up to his lips.

Each word he wrote he showed them.

Hello. There. I. Love. You. Guys. You. Are. My. Loves. All. Of. You. 

And of course the crowd went crazy again, I don't know how he could deal with this. He started writing again

Now. Can. We. Please.Get. The. Guys. Out. Here?. Chant. Their. Name. With. Me!. LOUIS. LIAM. ZAYN. AND HARRY!. 

The crowd yelled their name in unison, even I did.One by one, like this was a show or something, they each stepped onto their balconies. Everyone was going mad. Literally. New York was crazy. Flags, posters, shirts, bandanas, and even more were waved in the air. Harry was the only one that took a little bit longer. When they were all out they each did something silly and then all of them pulled their girlfriends out with them. Except Harry. Even me. And people cheered for me.I felt like this was some sort of parade or something. Nope. This was their lives. Ilooked at all the people here. Millions of people here, of all ages. Screaming their names. My boyfriends name. The tear have now dried up and I was smiling.  I have no clue why though. Niall wrote one more thing


In capital letters. And again the fans yelled as loud as they could. Then they did something that shocked me. They just gave their stuff out. 

Louis threw his beanie that was one his head as far as he could into the crowd. It went in the dead middle of them and all you could see was that part go down trying to fight for it. It was pretty hilarious although I was nervous for the person that was going to be in the hospital soon. Zayn threw his mirror. Surprising right? I've been around Zayn for not so long and I know he did that from the bottom of his heart. I laughed as the part below us, had crazy looks on their faces and jumped as high as they could to get it. Next was Niall. I wasn't sure what he was going to throw but he slipped off both his shoes, grabbing onto my shoulder so he wouldn't fall, I took his hand as he leaned against the railing. All the fans had their hands up to get ready to catch. He signed both of his new, white Nikes that probably costed a lot of money. He signed them, and then turned around putting all his trust into the railing. He closed his eyes even though he was turned around and tried throwing the shoes in different direction. He failed. I laughed at were the shoes went and he turned around. 

They went in the same place just one was farther than the other. Liam just threw a hat and I'm not sure it was even his. Oh well, they'll go crazy because he touched it.

Next was Harry. His eyes were puffy and red. He took of his jacket and threw it, not caring where it went. He walked back and we all said bye. We closed the doors and for once I was actually happy. 

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