What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


46. Finding everything

Niall's POV:

I can't believe I said that to her. I mean I can believe it. Just not at this time. 

"Look, Claire. I'm sorry I blew up at the hospital"

"I can't believe that you thought that I would actually do that to you!" She yelled at me

I was speechless, Claire only raised her voice when she was mad. And I had to clue why. She unplugged her curling iron, and twisted the cord around the handle of it. She hairsprayed her hair, combing her small, delicate fingers through it. 

"Niall, I don't have time to talk about this" she said pushing past me

"About us? How I love you. How you love me?"

"Niall I used too! Look we're gonna be late. Just... don't bring this up again" she sighed putting her toiletries in a small bag

"But I love you!" I shouted at her

"Well I don't love you." Just like that she said it. Snapped my heart. What if she didn't cheat on me? She ran out of the room, with tears in her eyes.

I made her cry.

I sat down on the floor with my back up to Liam's bed. I slid my hands backwards going under the bed. My fingers hit something hard. I pulled it out and noticed it was a box. It was painted dark brown and looked like it had been through a lot. Like our relationship.

I opened it to find turned over pictures of us. Pictures I didn't even know was taken. There was a lot. I went through every single one until the last one. Our first date. I took her to ice cream and when we came back we had ice cream all over our faces. 

I noticed that I was crying cause the picture started to get damp. I quickly shook it off not wanting to ruin that moment and this one. In there was magazines, pictures, and the promise ring I gave her back at the hospital. It still had the bright diamond in the middle. I started to put everything back when I noticed something taped to the lid. It was a receipt for a bracelet. 


It had some ink that bled through from the back side. I flipped it over to see Liam's handwriting.

"Claire, it was fun going shopping with you for Niall's birthday gift. I know he will love it! Me and Danielle broke up, well actually she cheated on me with her brother's best friend. I'm sorry you can't see Niall as much as you want to. Text me. Liam"


My gift? But where was it? I looked under the bed to see a papyrus box. I opened it up to see her and my name sown into it. Claire must have heard more about Liam and Danielle. Maybe that's why they were hugging. She didn't leave me. I did.


Harry's POV:

I called Hannah's phone a few more times but with no success. I was worrying about her more every minute. I was a complete jerk to her at dinner. I noticed that in the letter she wrote me. Why she ignored me. Why she left. I decided to go to her flat. I pulled up in the driveway to see her car there. I walked up to the door, but saw a broken window with shattered glass on the ground. My eyes got wider noticing the whole was big enough for a person to fit through. I immedialty started kicking at the door. It took a few times but I finally got it down.

I ran up to her room screaming her name. She wasn't there. I checked the bathroom but only to find the door locked. I kicked down that one too. I sat down on the lou trying to think where else she could be. Right when I was about to leave I saw a note in the sink. It was smeared from the water droplets falling from the fossit. I punched in the address in my notes and ran out the door to my car and sped off to Josh's house.



A/N: Woah this chapter stunk like poop. Next chapters will be good- I promise!

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