What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


58. Finding and Telling Niall

Hannah's POV:

It was around midnight when the concert ended. I was wide awake and in the main room behind the stage. Kim had gone home, because she got a "little too" drunk. Niall drove her home then came back. 

I was later joined by Harry, Zayn and Perrie with Claire and Liam. Louis and Eleanor were also in the room but came in quietly. Everyone was here except Niall.

"harry came and sat next to me, I out my legs over his and leaned my head on his shoulder. He threw his arm around my waist. He gets on his phone like everyone else. We stay silent for a few seconds until Zayn broke the silence.

"Hey guys, you wanna go to a party?" 

I looked at Harry and saw a smile on his face. "Can we Harry?" I whisper in his ear. His curls tickle my cheek causing my to let a laugh out. 

"Perrie, Claire, El, Hannah? Yea?" All of us girls nod at the same time. The boys said yes both, and then I noticed Niall as gone. I got off of Harry and started looking around the arena for him. I looked in there dressing, sound check and even the bathrooms. Somehow I had made it to the top of the seats. It looked out over the entire arena. I don't know how they did this. 

I saw something on the stage but I was so far away, that I couldn't see anything. I walked down the stairs to the railing of the section. Then I saw it, a boy with a blurb of bright blonde hair that was sitting on the edge of the stage. I carefully walked down the back way stairs not wanting to trip on my face. I was still wearing my crazy high heels and my feet weren't hurting at all. 

I finally made my way done to the stage. I pulled myself up the stairs and sat next to him. He was crying and had his head in his hands. I didn't really know what to do because Harry or Josh has never cried on front of me. I rubbed his back and then started talking to him.

"You really miss her don't you.... I saw it in your eyes when you sang to her" I said

"You don't know how much. And the thing is she didn't even cheat on me. She got Liam's advice on my birthday present. I saw the note about it before we left for the plane."

"I'm sorry Niall, I really am. We're family. I love you."

"Thanks, Hannah. And I love you too" I hugged him and then he stop crying.

"So where were you?" he asked me

How can I tell him? I can't say that. I bit my lip trying to find an excuse. I couldn't do this to him. He was my brother.

"Promise not to tell anyone?" I say with a serious face. He laughs a little then replies back

"Hahah sure Hannah"

"Niall I'm serious!" I raise my voice

"Sorry. Okay go."

"I got mad at Harry during the dinner the other night and went back to my place, after I left his flat. I was at my place getting ready for the plane ride, when somebody broke into my house." Tears were falling now.

"So I was so scared I climbed in to the covers after I locked my door. I tried getting blending in with the pillows and blankets. I heard the person go through my house, finally making it to my room. He got into my room, and found me. He ripped off the blankets and it was Josh."

Niall looked at me with total shock and confusion. He started to talk but I cut him off. 

"He made me call Harry and tell him I couldn't go on the tour. I didn't even say that I love him" I was full on crying now, with my mascara smearing. 

"I stayed with him for about 6 days then I had enough money to buy a flight here. I called Louis up, and we worked out a plan to surprise Harry. And Niall, I'm pregnant and Josh is the father."

I looked at him, with all the color in his face drained. I was 18, and already pregnant. And the father was the person I hated the most.

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