What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


51. Finally Arriving

Hannah's POV:

I guess I had slept the whole way because the old man next to me was poking me and yelling at me (as loud as he could, which was basically regular talking) to wake up. He reminded me of my grandad. Always cranky but had a soft heart. Right now I could not see the softness anywhere. I stretched my arms and legs by moving them all over. It probably looked like I was having a spasm or something cause both my legs fell asleep. 

Finally I was here. In the same place as Harry. Closer to him. Closer to telling the truth. I bit my lip not wanting to talk about it anymore. I was the last one off the plane. Being pushed by the people coming on. Jeez, you would at least think they would clean up all the crap people left behind. I tried shrinking to the smallest figure I could be. But it made it worse, only being pushed more. 

I walked down the loud tunnel only supported by beams. I finally step first on solid ground and my first move was to go to the bathroom. I didn't really want to go its just I didn't want to scare anyone. The only person I scared was just myself.

My shirt falling off my shoulder. My eyes dropping from tiredness. Mascara trails under my eyes; chapped lips; and dry skin. I looked like a f*ckin zombie. I swear. I threw the cold airport sink water on my face and cleaned it. I had rarely any acne causing me to look a bit better. I braided my curly hair to the side then tying it off with a elastic. 

I fixed my shirt and somewhat pinned it so it would fit me better. I wasn't going straight to Harry. I don't even know how I was. Paul, the boys and the girls only knew me. Everyone else would probably think I was a fan. 

I walked out of the bathroom feeling horrible. I waited at the baggage claim to see a worn out deep green duffel bag. I picked it up and threw it over my shoulder. I walked outside, hoping to see someone waiting for me but no one was there. No body knew I was here. Not even Harry or Josh.

I walked over to the public pay-phone and dialed a number. Before I left my house I wrote down everyone's number on a small piece of paper and kept it safe. I put the phone o my ear and waited for a simple 'hello'. I waited for about 3 rings until someone finally picked up.

"Hello?" a tired voice came through the phone

"Hey Louis, its Hannah. Can you come and pick me up?"

Yea sure love... where are you?"


Louis POV:

"New York international Airport" My eyes got bigger and I tried to stay calm.

Harry told me everything from the note to the ladder with plants on it. I felt so bad for him. To see that he was finally and truly in love. Gone. 


"Shhh! I don't want anyone knowing! Just come and pick me up"

"I'm on my way" i replied fast

"Hey El, I'mma go and pick up something, what anything?" 

"Uhhh, some skittles!!!!!" she yelled at me

"Hahahah okay. See you in a couple"

I walked out the door and put the key in its place to start the car. I zoomed out of the hotel's parkway and onto the streets?

I can't believe this. I have to tell Harry! I can't keep this from my best friend. 

I drove up to the curb of the airport to see a broken Hannah sitting with her face in her palms. I stopped the car and walked out. I simply sat criss-cross-apple-sauce and just starred- at nothing. I heard her cry and her sobs. I had no idea what was going on. Eleanor had never cried like this. We were at the end of the airport so it was a little less crowded. No body noticed me and that made me happy. We sat there for about 10  minutes until she whispered something.


Something that would change Harry's future. My future. And One Direction's future.

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