What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


66. Fans

Liam's POV:

Best Friends. And that was great. I wasn't sure if she really liked me or the kiss meant anything. I have a feeling that Niall is going to ask her out soon. I don't really know ow I will feel. Its been silent for about thirty minutes now. I got tired of it about 15 minutes into so I started to eat my breakfast again. I get up and put my tray of food outside the door, but when I open the walk outside, I nearly go deaf. They found us. Our fans. I was about to turn around and go back inside, when I remember what can I do in there? I walk over to the railing that stops me from walking off the edge of the floor. I grip the railing and smiled and walked They were screaming and holding bright signs that said "Marry Me", "Kiss Me", "I love You", some of the signs at concerts were hilarious and some were  inappropriate . Everybody became quiet because they thought I was about to talk. Well guess I'm gonna talk   "Hi everybody, who's going to our concert!!!!?"   They all scream was loud as possible. Its really close because we are only on the 5th floor. I look over to the elevator to make sure I'm not about to die. I laugh and then end my 'conversation' with them   "Okay, well then I'll see you guys tonight! I love you all, thanks for everything!" They all scream and yell "NO!" as I start to walk back to our room. This time all the food is by the door, and when I walk in Kim is the only one in the center.   I walk into my room, to hear the shower going, but why? Oh yea, Claire. It's going to awkward since we aren't dating anymore and she doesn't have a room.   10 minutes later, I hear the water go off and hear a amazing voice coming from the bathroom.   She can sing? She was singing Titanium, and hit a high note. She can sing. But how come she never told me? Niall probably knows.    She comes out of the bathroom with steam following her out. She sings as she throws her clothes in her bag.    "Man! You have a beautiful voice!"    She jumps and gasps and the same time, with her towel almost coming off.   She quickly grabs it before she flashes me.   "Oh my god Liam! You scared me! I thought you were talking to the fans!"      "Well I was, then I came back and heard your special voice"   "Oh shut up!" she smirks and takes some clothes out of her suitcase. (Claire's outfit on my Polyvore)   "Its true" I say sitting on the corner of the bed.    "You know Perrie and you have a voice too!" she says smiling shutting the doors behind her. I walk out and go back to the center and check my twitter. I'm in a twitter mood so I type a tweet.   "Thanks for surprising me this morning New York Fans! See you tonight! Love you guys!"   I press the submit button and 2 seconds later my feed and notifications are flooded with likes and retweets. 
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