What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


93. Dinner PART 2

Hannah's POV:

I am roughly awakened by someone shaking me. I wake up violently and I'm sweating. I see Niall shaking me awake and I take a deep breath. 

"Hannah, we're here." 

"Okay" I pull up the window and I can tell that Washington is already different from New York. I stretch out as best as possible and I grab my bags following behind Niall to get out of this death trap. Even before I get out of the plane I am guarded by four strong security guards and Niall by one. Why though? We quickly walk out of the plane and I see why. 

The fans go on for miles and miles. With signs, crazy faces, screaming in our faces and their grabbing hands. But on the sides of them bright flashes go off, telling me that this is probably going to be in a teen girl magazine. I am literally lifted into a dark car and Niall is next to me. 

"Niall take me somewhere else. I don't want to see any of them" I say. He knows exactly what I mean by that. He nods and gives the driver a hotel and asks the guard in the passenger seat to get me a room. Less than 5 minutes later we arrive at a really fancy hotel and I give Niall a hug not knowing when I'll see him next time. He can't come in cause then everybody won't leave the hotel. I am given my bags and right when I walk up I am escorted by the manager and shown to my room. 

"Here is your room Ms. Horan. Its the nicest and biggest we have." He slides the room key in the door and opens it and hands me the card. When I see the room I smirk because this is Niall. If you truly know him. 

"Thank You." I say back. He laves shutting the door and I walk over to the window and open it seeing the car we drove in. It drives across the street and parks. I see Niall disappear and I laugh. Are hotels are across from each other. I close the window and lay on the bed so tired, too tired to even change my clothes. 

Claire's POV:

I am awakened by my Irish boy that I am in love with. I pretend to be asleep so he won't notice me. I slide my hand under the blanket so he will have to wait in the morning to see my choice. He lifts up the covers letting the cold air hit my body. I shiver at his action and he immediately pulls me into his arms. He's shirtless and his cologne smells amazing. I take a deep breathe inhaling his scent then really go to sleep. I am so close to falling asleep when he lightly flips me, making me face him. He kisses my forehead softly, and strokes my hair, finding my hands. He sees the promise ring on my finger because he kisses the finger the ring is on. Niall is finally back. 

Eleanor's POV:

We are looking at the menus still until our waitress come to take our drink orders. Mrs. Tomlinson, my mom and me all order wine, all the same kind expect my moms. And the guys order the same beer. For once my  side of the family starts the conversation. 

"I can't believe my Eleanor is getting married soon!" My dad says in a happy tone. Louis takes my hand in his and does a victory hand thing and the whole table laughs. 

"Don't worry sir I'll always take care of her." Louis says reassuring my dad. Once again for once my mom doesn't roll her eyes. 

"Please call me Phillip, and this is my wife Deborah (her actual parents names)" He smiles and does the same victory hand thing that Lou did.

"So Louis and Eleanor, where do you want the wedding to be?" Louis' mom asks. 

"Um we were thinking.... here" Louis looks at me for an approval on the idea.

"Yes some where warm in the U.S"

"Sounds fun! And what does your dress look like?" He eyes are so big and bright wanting to know. I take a sip of the wine and then answer her.

"Actually I have an appointment this week to go dress shopping. So I guess we'll see from there!" I half laugh half smile. Louis calls the waitress over to take our orders. 

"My lady will have ravioli with parmasean on top, and for me I will take the chicken alfredo pasta please." He smiles and the waitress quickly writes our orders down not wanting to make the one and only world famous Louis Tomlinson upset.

The rest of the table orders and the rest of the night is boring, but the food is amazing. I try to scarf it all down but in the politest way as possible. Louis laughs at me a few times, reassuring me we could always get more. I say no not wanting to be the only person eating after everyone is done. The night is filled with awkward silences and conversations and finally we leave. The car pulls up and and Louis, his parents and I get in and dive off to the hotel. 

Hannah's POV:

I can't really get comfortable and I wonder if it is because the reason why I left is just across the street or because I'm pregnant. Probably both. After a full hour off dozing on and off I finally forget about sleeping and take a shower. But this time I take a bath. I wouldn't normally do it but I'm so uncomfortable that I want to.

I let the water run until the bath tub is filled and I get in letting the hotness of the water take over me. I put my phone on the ground and just relax until I feel a tight and sharp pain down in my lower abdomen. I look down to see and I'm all good. Less then five minutes later the same pain but a little worse happens and this time I fully aware of whats happening. I call 911 and tell them whats happening. They tell me it might be a false alarm since I'm only 7 months but, they ant me to come in as soon as possible. I hang up and call Niall since he is the closet family I have right now. Well besides Claire, and uhm Harry. 

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