What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


92. Dinner Part 1

Hannah's POV:

I am a super nervous for this plane ride because I didn't get the okay from the doctor about flying when you are this pregnant. So I have no clue and I'm hoping for the best. I grab the fruit out of my purse and eat it quickly. I haven't really flown on a plane in a long time... actually I never have. And I am even more nervous because of that. I have heard and seen movies about terrible plane crashes but I try to tell myself that they are just movies. The plane shakes causing me to have a small panic attack. I hear Niall smirk from the row across and I give him a nasty look only making him laugh more. 

"Calm down Hannah, its just a little wind." He says patting my hand. I take a deep breathe then finish my fruit and a small air hostess (get it? hahaha you have to watch one of the Niall and Harry interviews when they are at the radio sation to get it.) comes and picks it up, quickly scurrying away. I turn over facing the window and shut it. I close my eyes trying to get at least a little sleep. 


Claire's POV:

Its been about 6 hours since Niall left and now I am angry at him. I've called him about 3 times with only his voicemail. Everyones here and we finished the pizza within an hour. Perrie, Zayn, Liam, and Sophia are in the kitchen baking cakes and cupcakes. So right now its just me and Harry. Its 11 p.m. and I'm super tired, I have no clue why. The Incredibles is paused, so that the bakers wouldn't miss a thing. I go on twitter for about five minutes and realize there is nothing new. 

"Hey Harry I'm going to bed."

"Already?The movie isn't even done yet." He replies back

"I know. Just.... finish it with out me. But save a cupcake for me!" I laugh. He laughs to and then I walk out of the room to see a note on my pillow I walk over and see Niall's handwriting on it. I quickly rip the note open and read it. I read it multiple times, learning the same stuff over and over again. At the end of the note there is a promise ring taped to the note. Its looks familiar then I read part of the letter again. Everything clicks, the stuff I remember and don't because of me and Hannah's accident. 



So before I give you this promise ring to be mine. 

I was born in Ireland, obviously and my first 10 years there were boring, just school and football. (Soccer). When I was 11-12 years old I had my first kiss and lots of things happened then. I didn't really pay attention in class because I was too focused on being a good boyfriend and I'd get kicked out of class for singing. When I was in 8th grade I got expelled from there and moved schools,I'd start fights after my dad started getting more aggressive from drinking, so I just went to 9th grade when I should have finished 8th. High school was hell. Thats why I tried out for the x-factor. Thats how I got here today, thats how I got you.

We toured the world and there are millions of fans that want us to be theres, but I want you not them. I met you through my sister and I can honestly say I remember every single detail of that day. What shirt you were wearing, how your hair looked that day and the emotion on your face. I love the fact that you were totally shy around me but we all grew as a family. Then I asked you out at 10:34 p.m. on thursday October 23. Our first date I took you down to park and there we had a snowball fight and your hands went completely numb. I warmed them up for you and later in that date we kissed and we were on the right side of the bridge. How can I forget? I never will. We went out on more dates until the accident. 

My dad hurt you and Hannah physically and I hate him even more everyday for doing that to you. When that happened you lost basically all of your memory. The doctors said you probably wouldn't have survived. But you did. You grew stronger everyday with that promise ring on your finger and me showing you how where were until our lives were fucked up. Then I tore you back down and made the situation even worse. You went to someone else. The whole time of that I thought in every single way of how I could get you back. How I could get a hug from you, have you next to me. Have you even look at me. Then when you and Liam broke up I was more than happy- to actually get a better chance at getting you to be mine again. But Kim was in the way. 

I don't know why I went to her, actually I do- I was drunk. I was mad that you for no reason. So I met Kim at a pub/club and Louis told me not to date her. But I didn't listen and then things got worse... she said she loved me. I told her that back too. But I regret it. Everything. Bringing her on the tour, telling her that, kissing her, and most of trying to make you jealous. Once again I regret it.

Then when you gave me that chance I was more than thrilled, but scared that  would lose you again. 

Reading that I hope you take this promise ring, and never leave me. I love you. ou are my whole world, and I wish i could just show you, but I can't. Hopefully I can be able when we are married and have a future together. Not yet though. I love you and don't ever think I would leave you cause I won't.

Niall xx


I can feel some tears trying to escape, they roll down cheek as I wipe them away. I slip the ring on my finger and whisper "I will never leave" somehow hoping Niall would hear. For some reason I fell that me and Niall are a lot closer than before he left. I was excited that he actually thought about a future with me because Niall is carefree. I pull one of his shorts over my head making it act as a nightgown. I cover myself up with the covers of the bed and fall asleep with the thought of the letter and Niall in my head and dreams. 


Eleanor's POV:

I  had rented a car for tonight and and driver. The car ride was quiet only me talking. I got Louis to talk once but only to me. I really hope that Louis make up with his parents before the actually wedding before they are my parents-in-law and we spend holidays with them. The ride was about 10 minutes long and we get out of the car.

Louis opens the door for me and I walk to the front podium to get our table.

I turn around and see my mom and dad. I have a huge grin on my face from seeing my dad. We didn't have the best relationship when I was a kid- like at all. But when he got sick it mended our relationship and now we are best friends. I tell him everything. And for my mom I just hug her so she feels loved.


Ever since me and Louis went out she has always been sour towards me. I have no idea why she didn't like him. I mean look at him!

I silently laugh at myself and the waiter leads us to our table. Our parents sit on one side and me and Louis on the other.  

I look through the menu and Louis outs his hand on my thigh making my jump a little. My mom looks at me and then I start the conversation. 

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