What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


85. Deal?

Louis' POV:

Tomorrow me and El are spending a whole day planning on the wedding. I really don't see what the big deal is, but we have to get the clothes, venue, food, and much more according to Eleanor. She is way to stressed out about this, and I am starting to think that if I asked her later would she be this stressed out? We have an idea for the date. Its going to be in late may. Which is about 4-5 month away. She has a appointment for dress shopping, and I have to go get a tux with the boys. She says we have to match even though her dress will be white and we don't even have the colors picked out yet. 

I get up from watching telly on the couch of our room and find her curling her hair.

"What are you doing?" I ask her

"Getting ready" she says paying attention not to burn her.

"Where are you going?" I try to say in a not caring tone, but of course I care.

"I'm meeting with a wedding planner today!" she says excitedly

"Babe? Is this causing to much stress on you, cause we can get married right now" I say leaning against the door of the bathroom. 

"Louis, thanks for caring, but I'm fine. Really." She puts sown the curling iron, and walks towards me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I feel the heat in my cheeks as she passes me, but I grab her arm and lurch her back

"What are y-" I cut her off with a soft but somewhat rough kiss. She kisses me back, and combs her fingers through my hair. 

Eleanor's POV:

His arms snake around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I laugh into the kiss as he pulls me as close to him as possible. I tangle my hands in his hair, then around his neck. He brings his lips from my kiss to my neck and leaves tiny but soft kisses under my ear and my neck. 

"Louis" I moan. He goes back to my lips and his tongue swipes across my bottom lip trying to find mine. I gladly accept his offer, and our tongues meet, and work together. He pulls me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He stops kissing me and moves to my ear.

"El I want you" he whispers seductively into my ear. All I can do is nod. He carries me farther into the room and sets me on the bed, when my phone goes off.  He groans and turns back to me. I lift my head up to see the caller id.

Mom. I jump off the bed, before Louis can grab and pull me back in. I reach for the phone frantically, fixing my hair,even though she can't see us. My mom is traditional- big white wedding dress, groom pays for the honeymoon, no sex before marriage, finish college, and that the wedding should be in he brides hometown. She annoys me a lot, but I still love her. She lives in Manchester, where I did when I was younger. Now I live with Louis even if he is on the road. She hates that part. She thinks that he will abandon me for a couple of months and come back with a girl better than me. We have gotten in multiple arguments about that but I try to not bring it up. Louis isn't like that. I sigh and hit the answer button on my phone and put the phone up to my ear.

"Hi mom!''

"Hello there Eleanor" Yep, same mom, no body calls me Eleanor, maybe sometimes Louis. But everyone else has their own nickname for me or they call me El.

"How are you doing?" I say walking back to the bathroom, to re-curl some curls that came out when me and Louis had our moment. I look back at him, to see a frown on his face. His hair is messy just like mine. God he is hard to resist. He catches me looking at him and I turn back to face the mirror. He comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, and starts to tickle me. I laugh and try my best to keep my giggles in. It doesn't work. I excuse myself fro my mom, saying that something broke, and I'd call her later.

"Louis Tomlinson!" I yell playfully


"I was talking and you started tickling me!"

"Its not my fault that your so attractive" I blush at his words and make him move to the other room. I call my mom back, it rings a few times, and when she answers I put her on speaker.

"Hello Eleanor. What broke?" I look around trying to find something that would easily break

"Oh just my small mirror, it fell of the bathroom counter."

"Oh be careful"

"I always am" She hesitates with an answer, and I know she rolled her eyes.

"Whats up?" I ask curling the last section of my hair.

"Just packing?"

'Where are you going?" I ask curiously, unplugging my curling iron

"Just Washington"

"What?! Are you serious?!"

"Yes. I am"

"Wow mom! That took me off guard!"

"I know" She says in a flat tone

"Well, that means you can come dress shopping with me!"

"Aren't you going to go dress shopping in Manchester?" Oh god, here it comes, the argument of where the wedding will be.

"No mom, me and Louis somewhat have idea that the wedding was going to be here in America, its really beautiful here in the spring, there are a lot o-" She cuts me off as usual

"Honey, like I said you should have it here in Manchester." She says more in a commandive tone than suggestive. I don't feel like fighting back so I try to finish the call.

"Okay mom. I have to go meet a wedding planner. I'll call you later."

"Okay" she replies. After that I hang up, and add some natural make up. I slip on some high heels and grab my purse. I start walking walking out of our room, when someone whistles at me. I turn around to see Louis giving my eyes. I laugh and then playfully scold him. I give him a light kiss, and f course he tries to make it bigger. I pull away, and tell him.

"Louis, lets save this for later okay?" 

"Fine" he says sadly

"Don't worry, we can save this for later" I say trying to cheer him up. 

"Okay" he says with that witty smile on his face. I am on his lap and his arms are around me. 

"I love that smile. Its a part of my world" I whisper

"Part?" he says confused

"Well next to you, silly!" I poke him in the cheek and get off his lap. I walk towards the door, and open it. I close the door, then open it peeking my head through it.

"Oh and Louis be ready by 4 pm.!" I say and wink. He laughs at me and then jumps up and gets ready, he must be thinking something perverted. I laugh and then walk out the door, and hail a taxi and hop in. 


Hannah's POV:

I quickly zip up my suitcases, and pull them off the bed I grab my phone and slip it into my purse. I unlock the door, as quietly as I can. Who am I going to? I wonder if Niall is still mad at me? I don't know.  I hope not. I peek through the door and see no one in the hall way. I open the door all the way and yank my bags through, I run quickly to the door, and there he is. With his arms crossed. I gasp and stop with my bags rolling past me. I pull them back and stop in my tracks. 

"Wha-wha-what are you doing here? I thought I heard the door close."

"Thats whaam wondering to. Where are you going?"

"Home" I say lying

"This is your home, Hannah. Our home" he says with a straight face. I shake my head and then follow with an answer.

"No, this isn't." I say trying to take control. 

"Your right. Then pay me your rent."

"What? We never agreed on paying rent. You saw me offered your place to me. You gave me a room. I fell in love with you at first, in the beginning but, now I don't know what you turned into" I say scared.

"It was him, I fell in love with you too, but he turned me into this." I had a confused face and he saw.

"Harry, did this"

"No he didn't! He is the most amazing guy in the world. And he actually cares about me!" I scream, I hope what I say about him is true.

"He doesn't because if he did care about wouldn't he come and try to find you?" I have no idea what to say. He didn't come looking for me. Or did he, and Michael stopped him, or kept me in here. I feel the air around me getting tighter feeling like I am elevating onto higher ground. I finally got it, it all clicked. 

"You monster!" I scream at him

"I get it, all this time, you wouldn't let me go alone anywhere, because Harry would find me? You saw him that say in that Chinese take out place, bout 5 or 6 months ago. And you didn't tell me?" I gasp at my thought

"You heard him in the twitcam, and caused you to be this1" I say raising my voice I point at him, like a child.

"Bingo. I thought you were smarter but appearantely not." He breathlessly laughs

"Please move, I have to go" I said looking him straight in the eye. Not afraid anymore. 

"Not until you pay me back" he spits

"I only have 50 dollars though."

"Okay, pay me that and then you can send me the rest. You know where I live." I don't say anything and walk past him out the door.

"Oh and Hannah?" I turn around

"If you don't pay me back, I will find you, I'm letting you go. Thats a pretty good deal. $3000 soon. Deal?"

"Yes. Deal" I say and walk away. I hear the door slam, and I am out. Finally.

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