What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


62. Date Night PART 2

Hannah's POV:

Me and Harry take a short cut home. We get home and make some popcorn and get a movie. Harry picks Paranormal 3 while I wait by the microwave for the popcorn to be done. The timer beeps and I take the popcorn out be careful cause I don't want burn myself. I pour it in a bowl and set in on the night stand next to our bed. I grab my pjs and walk to the bathroom and change. I wash my face and pull my hair into a messy bun getting the hair out of my face. I walk out of the bathroom to see a shirtless Harry on the bed. I giggle at what I see.

(Pjs on my polyvore!! Check it out) 

My shirt is really uncomfortable so I take one of Harry's. It navy blue and big. I turn around and slip the shirt. He smirks at me, and I have no idea why. 

"What are you look at!" I say playfully snapping at him. 

"Um your tattoo.'' he says laughing

My eyes grow big then I run over to the bathroom  and turn around looking at my back in the mirror. He was right. I had a butterfly tattoo right before my pant line started. 

"shit" I say under my breathe

"So when did you get that?"

"Um, well it was the summer that I was a sophomore. I totally forgot about it. Sorry about that Harry."

I say getting up on the bed and snuggling next to him with the popcorn.

"Its ok, it matches mine." he says with a relaxed voice. My eyes trail over to see a butterfly tattoo inked onto his chest. I stare longer than I wanted he noticed me and I looked away with embarrassment in my face. We start the movie and I am so close to him I am basically on his lap. I can take scary movies its just the Paranormal series always got to me.... and Harry knew that. 

It was coming to the most scary part of the movie when I buried my face in his arm. He didn't laugh at me or anything just held me. And thats what I liked about Harry. I looked up at him at the exact time he looked down at me. He leaned in to my ace as I did the same. He closed the gap rather fast, and held it with a long and hot kiss. 

I moved my body so I could be more comfortable. I put my arms around his neck with my fingers tangled in his curly hair. He locked me in his arms as he pulled me onto his lap with our lips never separating. His chest is warm, like our kiss. There were so many feelings running through my body right now. 

I hear a car park outside so we speed up the meaning of this. He pulls off my shirt, and I couldn't since he was shirtless. He left a trail of kisses down my neck as my fingers brushed his hair. Both of us were breathing heavy as we went further. I wasn't sure if this was ok. I mean I was fine with it but I'm already pregnant. What will happen? I didn't care. We both lay under the covers and covered by them. We were laying next to each other. The popcorn was on the floor and I realized that I just had sex with Harry Styles.

"Harry I love you, I wish I could tell you how much though" I say looking into his eyes.

"I love you too, there is way you can show me" he said with a smile on his face. I laughed but then stopped as I heard the rest of our group walk in through the door. 

We all had different rooms but were connected at the center, or our hang out place. I jumped out of bed and slipped on my underwear and sweats. I was hopping all over the place cause my foot got stuck in the bottom of my sweats. I put on Harry's shirt. I walked out trying to be as casual as possible. "Hey guys! How was the par-" I was cut off to see a drunk Liam, CLaire, Perrie, Zayn Eleanor and Louis

"What the hell?!" I yell at them. 

"They all went a little crazy tonight" Niall said.

"Ya, I can see" I said sarcastically

"So what did you and Harry do tonight while we were gone?" I can't tell my brother what happened. I fixed my shirt and hair and answered

"Oh just watched a movie together" I helped Liam to the bathroom cause he was super pale. He there up 4 times. I left him in the bathroom as I went to get him a glass of water. I gave it to him and he drank it in one gulp. 

"Thanks Hannah"

"Ya no problem" I leave the room and walk into the center and see Niall rubbing Claire's head. I am happy for Claire to be with Niall, its just I think that she still has feeling for Niall, and I have to help her decide.



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