What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


2. Changing

A/N: Hey guys first fanfic! Tell me if you like it! Please, cmmn guys i can handle the haters cause all I do is win win... heehee back to the story, oh about the story! Family is the closet thing/only thing Hannah has. Niall's family is coming in the second or third chapter, im explaining how he got to be in the family. 

Hannah's POV: 
Me and my best friend Claire sit quietly on my bed, while shoving popcorn into our mouths. We were watching Chucky, our all time favorite horror and regular movie.  

My parents were  fighting again, which I wished they didm't escpecially when Claire was over, we are best friends we told ech other everything. But I didn't tell her  this one (me dad beats me and my mom). When they fought like this it meant by the morning me and my mom would be smothered in bruises. My mom was the sweetest thing in the world, she loved me and I loved her. Although I didn't know about my dad. When I was about 11 years old he started watching more intense wrestling matches, movies, only coming back to our house around three in the morning where he would take his anger out on my or my mom. The first night I saw him beat my mom, I tried helping her, I yelled at him, hit me did anything I could to stop him, but only saw me as a distraction in his way, and beatted me too. I thought  about escaping through the window when I noticed that I could't leave me mom here. That's when my thoughts and the movie  were disrupted 



"Please Bobby stop, please, what happened to you" she  wimpered



I heard a grunt and something break, glass.... i wanted to kill him for hurting her and me like that. I was afraid of the worst outcome when I go check on her. I slowly rolled out of my bed forgetting that Claire was here and quietly walked towards the door, i reached my hand out and I heard a click, like a gun makes before it goes off. 

A/N: Cliff hanger you guys!!! Read the next chapter! Comment and like please! Claire is the girl in the picture

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