What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


12. Calling Ex's

Niall's POV:
"It was Bobby Horan. Do you know how this is? Or anything of this man?" He says trying to make me spit out anything I knew about him. I was, I just didn't know what to do-again. I stay silent for what seems like forever. They brought me back to reality by tapping my shoulder and asking me the question again. 
"He was my dad, or used to be. I was on tour all the time, but whenever I got a break i spent it with Claire. I never saw him as the type to hurt people, but people change." I feel like I could punch a wall or kill someone. I would do it. But for Claire. 


I didn't know whether or not to tell Harry about Hannah calling Josh, but I thought that telling him to he could date her and fight for would be better. Besides I liked Harry way more than Josh. That bitch cheated on my sister. How could she remember that she loved him? Oh yeah, cause my dad beat them. I try to not think of him but I can't get him out of my mind. I went to my car, still angry as ever. I wanted to let my anger out. All of it. on something or someone. I can't though. Claire would hate my if I hurt living soul, but I couldn't do that even though she doesn't know me. She doesn't know me. I have to figure out a way to get her back again before she falls in love with someone else, before she takes off the promise ring. 

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