What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


95. Apology and Labor?

Eleanor's POV:

The ride back was way less awkward since the dinner. I have learned so much more about Louis, his childhood and his parents. They are super excited that he is getting married and even more  excited to have me to be part of their family. Louis still hasn't made up with them yet, but he has talked to them. Although my mom is furious with me about my choices of the wedding. My dad was just happy that I am getting married; which is surprising. 

I still have to pick out my bridesmaids and flower girls, their dresses, the color, venue, Louis' stuff, and everything else. I sigh and Louis looks at me and hugs me the best but he is buckled in. I lean my head on his shoulder and doze off into sleep trying to forget the world. 

I my body getting off the seat and into the cold air and notice that Louis is carrying me. His parents are behind him, and I look at them to see Louis' mom wink at me, I smile and go back to sleep knowing that I am in safe arms. 

Louis' POV:

El fell asleep on my shoulder during the car ride home and I loved it. I can't wait anymore to be married and i want to do it now but she wants a ceremony. We arrive to the hotel and my mom starts.

"Lou just wake her up" I shake my head and unbuckle myself but only to get in a position to carry her. I wrap one of my arms around her back and one under her legs. Bridal style, or however you want to call it. She quickly snuggles up to my chest and I smile. I carry her through the front doors and to the elevator and finally to our room. I leave the door open for my parents wanting them to stay so we can talk. I take Eleanor to our room and set her down gently on the bed.

I unstrap her heels which takes me longer than I thought. I slip her jacket off and when I see her in the dress I almost go crazy. She is beautiful in every single way and I am way more lucky than I should be to have her. I unzip her dress and throw it on the floor, and watch her sleep. She has beige underwear on and a matching bra but with lace. I immediately want to show her how much I love her, but she's sleeping and I son't want to wake her. I grab one of my t-shirts and pull it over her head and see her shiver. I pull the covers over her and kiss her forehead, whispering I love you to her.

I walk out of the room and shut the door to still see my parents waiting. I walk to them and sit right in front of them and look them straight in the eyes to finally try to med our relationship. 

Hannah's POV:

I am scared out of my mind right now. I am trying to hold my tears in but its not really working. The doctor walks in and by his face I can't tell whether I deliver today or on my actual due day. He takes a seat and lifts up his glasses and begin to speak.

"Ms. Horan, now its been about 10 minutes since you've called and your water broke. Now you would probably think why you haven't given birth yet but your baby is in a fatal position, we need to do an emergency c-section now. The room is ready and I hope you are. So we need to go now." I can't believe this. I am more than scared right now. Although the tears haven't come yet, I think when I go to sleep I will. 

I get up and follow the doctor and I walk into a room with only a nurse, she talks to me for about 2 minutes and then helps me into a gown with gaps and slits were the surgery is taking place. I am put in a wheel chair and and wheeled into a room with surgeons, I hug the nurse for no reason.

I am put on a bed and then I see a needle get pushed into my skin at that moment I start crying and then see Niall walk into the room. He comes by me and I hold his hand and he whispers to me "I can't be here, Harry needs to be" 

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