What happens when Hannah and her best friend Claire are almost killed and can't remember anything? Can Niall and Harry help them before its too late? Or will other past events come back for them?


39. Announcing the tour

Louis POV:

I can't believe Niall is actually dating her. I hope he realizes on tour that Claire is actually the one. I am the only one that knows about Liam and her but I don't think it will settle with Niall well. I was happy for  Liam and Claire. I mean Danielle dumped him for this model guy she was "working" with. And Claire, I am just happy that she got over Niall and is friends with the group. She really was a nice person, wiht a kind personality, and she is super good at football. 


I quickly looked up at Niall to see his face from when Claire pulled the menu away from her face. He was in total shock. And I think embarrassed. "Hi I'm Claire!" she says putting her hand out to Kim. Kim grabs her and lightly touches it, then goes back to Niall. She grabs Niall's hand and roughly intertwines her fingers with his. I look over to Claire to see her looking away and talking to Liam. She looked like she didn't care. We each went back to our separate conversations, and engaging with each other. Kim was on her phone the whole time and Niall was just looking off into space. 


Niall's POV:

What was Claire doing here? Were here and Liam a thing now?  I knew she was cheating on me back when she was in the hospital. I just couldn't think of Liam like that. They were laughing about something and holing hands, but no the way that Kim held mine. She had a rough grip, that makes you want to let go. But in this case I couldn't. 


"So Claire, what are you doing here? I try to say in a polite voice.

"Well Liam invited me. I speaking of Liam inviting me....."

"Hey Liam you want to tell them?" she whispers loudly to him

"Yea sure babe" Babe? Babe? I don't thin I can take this a lot longer. I had Kim and she had Liam. My best friend, my brother.

"Oh wait!" Harry budded in

"Hannah decided to tag along on the tour, with us! It's okay with you guys?" he mostly said it as a command more than a question. Everybody nodded and said yes.

"Yeah! I'm so excited!" She said "jumping". She and Harry shared a short, light kiss that earned 'oo''s and aww's from around the table. 

"Okay okay now! Claire is coming too!" Liam "yelled". Hannah was pratically jumping out of her chair when he said this. But for me I had no clue what to say or do. 

"Everyone's coming?" Zayn asked.

"Um not really. What about Kim?" The one person that I didn't want to ask that question did. Claire.

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