the three little kittens

This story is based on nursery rhymes. This is my first story so please read it!


2. The Candy House

      So they started down the path to the candy house, they took a right then 4 lefts and another right and up ahead there was a house maid out of candy,  wow Charlie said I new it was filled with candy but this now this is even better even the chairs are made out of candy, the pies looked so good but Alex reminded them not to eat them, so Jo went and looked at the cup cakes and Charlie decided he would eat a chair, Alex went out side to see if there where any lolly pops ,she loves lolly pops and there was one by the door she was so happy she forgot to keep an eye out for the witch and the witch sneaked in past her, Jo didn't see her ether he was to busy eating cup cakes but Charlie did he saw her feet ,he was on the ground eating the chair leg, and ducked under the table and wached as she grabed Jo, Charlie didn't yell out to Jo because he didn't wont to be caught,Charlie snuck out the door to tell Alex that the witch had gotten Jo and they needed to save him, Alex had had so much sugar she had a lot of energy and just ran in and started scratching the witches legs then in came puss an boots to save the day and poked his sword in to the witches foot the witch screamed and rain out of the house and the three little kittens never saw her again! 

And Jo also asked puss an boots if he would like to join them, to help the little red hen and then to chase the gingerbread man. and so now it is the three little kittens and puss an boots or for short boots.

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