He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples. Wow. I watched as he disappeared into the dark alley. My friends looked at me with open jaws.
"Close them, before you let a fly in," I joked. They looked at me. "What?"
"Don't you know who that is?!" Emmie yelled.
"That's Harry. Harry Styles,"
"I heard he treats girls like toys and if you don't do what he says, he'll beat you," Emmie told me.
"He's abusive," Lauren told me.
"I bet that isn't true,"
"Al, you better be careful," Lauren said.


9. 8

Al's P.O.V.



Harry was right behind me, calling my name and demanding me to stop, but I didn't. I kept on running. People were giving us weird looks, but I didn't care. Harry soon caught up to me and grabbed my arm, he pulled me to an alley. It was dark, so no one could see us. We were about in the middle, and if looked to my left, I could see light, my right, a dark wall. 

Harry had me pulled up by the neck of my shirt, forcing me to look into his eyes. I'm terrified. 

"You don't walk away from me!" He said, his voice dark. He slapped me and threw me against the hard brick that was the wall. I hit my head really hard and I shrieked in pain. 

Harry walked towards me and pinned me against the wall, making sure I didn't run. His eyes were dark, and they grew darker, almost black. He frightened me. 

"Do you understand?" he asked. I didn't say anything. He slapped me again. 

"I said, Do you understand?!" I couldn't speak, only nod.

He looked at me and grabbed my shirt, dragging me down the alley. He brought me to a house. His house I'm guessing, which actually wasn't that far from the alley we were just at. We went inside. My head is throbbing, and I could tell that my cheek was red from his hand. 

I sat down on the couch and looked down. I could see Harry, out of the corner of my eye, moving closer to me. I could feel his presence as he sat down. I didn't have the ability to speak. I couldn't. I'm afraid that I'll say the wrong thing and Harry will hurt me. 

"Allyson?" I didn't answer him. 

"Allyson?" he repeated.

I looked at him, fright filled my eyes. I know he could tell, because his expression changed. I noticed his eyes were green again. They were gorgeous. I loved them, honestly. 

"Never mind," he told me. "Do you need anything?" he asked getting up. I looked up at him and shook my head no. 

"Okay, then. I'll be right back," he said. I watched him carefully, as he made his way to the kitchen.

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