He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples. Wow. I watched as he disappeared into the dark alley. My friends looked at me with open jaws.
"Close them, before you let a fly in," I joked. They looked at me. "What?"
"Don't you know who that is?!" Emmie yelled.
"That's Harry. Harry Styles,"
"I heard he treats girls like toys and if you don't do what he says, he'll beat you," Emmie told me.
"He's abusive," Lauren told me.
"I bet that isn't true,"
"Al, you better be careful," Lauren said.


33. 32

Al's P.O.V.



I gasped as Harry pushed in and out of me. I moaned in pleasure and arched my back as his hands raked my body. He put his head against my chest and kissed above my breasts. I threw my head against the pillow, moaning. He slowed down a bit, and pushed deeper. I screamed slightly as he hit my g-spot. He quickened the pace a bit and hit that spot each time, making me groan loudly. I made so much noise, causing Harry to smirk. 

"Harry," I groaned. 

I gasped over and over again. Harry slowed down and pulled himself out of me. He rolled off of me and panted. I laid next to him, panting as well, but I didn't feel done. Harry started to roll off the condom, but I stopped him, rolling it back down myself. He gave me a confused look. 

I sat up and moved on top of him. Harry smiled slightly and helped me out. I moved up and down on top of him, as fast as I could get myself to move. I stopped for a second and rocked back and forth. Harry caressed my breasts, and I moaned in pleasure. I stayed on top for a little longer and then got off of him. 

I laid down on his chest as Harry played with my hair. I smiled to myself, as my body started to cool off. I found myself closing my eyes, and falling asleep on Harry's chest. 






Emmie's P.O.V.



I sat on Liam's body and kissed him over and over again, making him open his eyes. He smiled at me and kissed my lips softly. 

"I could get used to waking up like that," he laughed. I smiled and got off of him, letting him up. We both walked downstairs, and he started making us breakfast. I stood next to him and smiled. 

"I'm going to the mall with Josie today, if that's alright?"

"Yeah, I think Louis and I are hanging out later too,"

"Isn't Josie and Louis kinda.... seeing each other?"

"Yeah, they went out on a date not long after Harry and Al got back together,"

"Yeah I heard about it. I bet it was amazing,"


"They make such a cute couple!"

"They really do," Liam said smiling. 

"Yeah. Call me down when breakfast is ready. I gotta start getting ready,"

"Alright, babe," I kissed his cheek and smiled as I went upstairs. 

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