He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples. Wow. I watched as he disappeared into the dark alley. My friends looked at me with open jaws.
"Close them, before you let a fly in," I joked. They looked at me. "What?"
"Don't you know who that is?!" Emmie yelled.
"That's Harry. Harry Styles,"
"I heard he treats girls like toys and if you don't do what he says, he'll beat you," Emmie told me.
"He's abusive," Lauren told me.
"I bet that isn't true,"
"Al, you better be careful," Lauren said.


31. 30

Harry's P.O.V.



I looked at the time, seeing it was about 8:30. I looked down at my new phone, because I broke the other one, and saw a text from Josie. 


From: Josie

To: Harry

Me, Emmie, and Lauren are leaving now. Go ahead and make your move! ;) xx


From: Harry

To: Josie

Great! Be at yours in ten!


I smiled, slipping my phone in my back pocket. I ran up to my room, grabbing my guitar. I hope she'll like the song I wrote for her. 

I walked out the door, grabbing my phone and keys. I locked the door behind me, taking the shortcut to Allyson's. 





I quietly walked the side of Allyson's house, going to the backyard. I looked up at Allyson's open window. I smiled, knowing she would definitely hear me. I lifted my guitar, looking down at the strings, as I started to play and sing. 

"Now you were standing there, right in front of me. I hold on, it's getting harder to breathe. All of a sudden these lights are blinding me. I never noticed how bright they would be.

I saw in the corner, there is a photograph.

No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you
It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass
This bed was never made for two,"

I watched her window and saw her figure appear, looking down at me. She looked surprised to see me and I continued singing to her. 

"I'll keep my eyes wide open
I'll keep my arms wide open

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone

Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone

I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star
I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand oh
Seems like these days I watch you from afar
Just trying to make you understand
I'll keep my eyes wide open yeah

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone
Don't let me
Don't let me go

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone

Don't let me
Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone

Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone,"



I strummed the last chord and saw Allyson smiling at me. 

"Allyson, I'm sorry for anything I might've done to you. Please give me another chance. I need you in my life," I begged. She looked down at me and smiled. 

"Just get up here you goofball," she said. I smiled and ran to the front door. She opened it and jumped into my arms. I stumbled a little, but got my balance, wrapping my arms around her. I kissed her head and smiled as she held on to me tighter. I pulled away smiling as I took her hands in mine. 

"Harry, we need to talk,"

"I know we do,"

"Come inside," she said opening the front door again. We walked in and I sat on the familiar couch, feeling her stand next to me. 



Al's P.O.V.




"First I just want to point out that you're a great singer. I never thought you would be good at singing,"

"I'm not that good. I bet you're better,"

"I can't sing at all actually," she laughed. 

"Whatever. So what do you wanna talk about?"

"About what's happened in the past week,"

"Well, I'll start by saying I've been absolutely miserable,"

"Me too,"

"Why'd you leave?" 

"I had to do it, Harry,"

"I don't understand why you would leave me so.... so broken. You mean the world to me," I said standing up with her. 

"If I mean the world to you, why do you abuse me!"

"Abuse you? Are you kidding? I have never abused you! You always say I do, but there is no way,"

"Open your eyes, Harry, you have. All the marks and bruises on my skin, you left those on me,"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"You hit me almost everyday!" Harry seemed to be getting angrier every second. I knew what was coming. 

"No! I don't!" 

His eyes were slowly turning darker. They weren't as dark as usual. That's when he slapped me across the face, causing me to fall to the floor. I held my cheek that was turning red. I looked up to Harry to see his eyes were back to normal already. What? He was looking down, but not at me, the floor. He was breathing heavily, and he fell down to his knees. 

"Harry?" I asked moving closer to him. He wouldn't answer me. 


He looked at me and wrapped his arms around me. He held me tight in his arms, not letting go. I heard him sniffle, which showed me he was crying. 

"Allyson," he started. "I'm so so sorry," he still held me close to his body. 

"I hurt you. I really hurt you. I left these marks on you. I hit you. I didn't mean it. I don't mean to do it," he cried. "Oh, Allyson.... I-I'm so sorry," he says quietly. He rubs circled around my back and cries. 

Before I start to stand he whispers in my ear. 

"I'm so sorry, Al,"





Sucky chapter, yes I know. 

Well he knows he abuses her.

He just called her Al for the first time. 

And now they're back together! Yay!

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