He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples. Wow. I watched as he disappeared into the dark alley. My friends looked at me with open jaws.
"Close them, before you let a fly in," I joked. They looked at me. "What?"
"Don't you know who that is?!" Emmie yelled.
"That's Harry. Harry Styles,"
"I heard he treats girls like toys and if you don't do what he says, he'll beat you," Emmie told me.
"He's abusive," Lauren told me.
"I bet that isn't true,"
"Al, you better be careful," Lauren said.


21. 20

Al's P.O.V.



I walk down the stairs, not wanting to see Emmie. When I enter the kitchen, I see Harry having a conversation with Josie. I can tell that Josie is terrified, but trying to get to know him better. Harry looks over in my direction and looks at me. A wide grin grew on his face, which caused me to smile. I notice Emmie, who is just looking at us smirking. 

"Uh, I really don't want to leave, but I'm not feeling too well,"

"Well you better leave then," Josie said getting up, obviously uncomfortable by Harry's presence in front of her.

"Yeah. But I don't know if being home will make you feel... better," Emmie said. I know exactly what she meant. I rolled my eyes and looked over at Harry. 

"Let's go," I smiled. Harry stood up and walked over to me. We walked out to his car and drove to his place. 




Al's P.O.V.


Lauren looked at me with a serious look. 

"Al, I have to tell you something serious,"

"Did Niall get you pregnant?" I asked wide eyed. 

"No!" she said slapping my arm. "It's something else,"

"Okay then what?"

"So yesterday Niall told me everything. Sorta like a life story,"


"He was talking to me about how his mom was basically living two lives, how he moved out when his mom left him, how he became really close with Zayn, and how he consumed alcohol and smoked to release his pain. He also told me about how he treated girls like toys, and like they were worthless. How he used them for his own pleasure. He never had faith in himself to have an actual relationship because of what his mother did to him and his father. He just thought it would happen to him. I drilled the next thing he said into my brain because I had to tell you,"


"He said these exact words, 'I don't know about Harry though, I think he just does it for fun. He's obsessed with power. I feel sorry for your friend, but I think that she could be the one to change him. Just like you're possibly changing me.'"

"Why do I need to change him?"

"Al, you're getting hurt. You can change him. Make him more lovable, and less abusive,"

"But I love him how he is,"

"Al, he's fooled you into loving him and you know it,"


Lauren's P.O.V.



"No he hasn't. I love him, Lauren,"

"I don't think you do. That's the power Harry's obsessed with. He can make any girl fall for him, get what he wants, and then throw them out. He's demanding. He either gets what he wants, or bad things happen,"

"I don't understand why you, Josie, Emmie and now Niall, want me to change or breakup with Harry,"

"Because he's using you. He's treating you like a toy, using you for his own pleasure,"

"No he isn't. You don't know the real him. I've gotten to know him and he's a nice guy. Yeah, he has hit me, but not as much as I thought he would,"

"Why does that matter? A guy shouldn't hit a girl. Period,"

"Lauren, just never mind. I'll keep the changing thing in my head, but I just want to see how it is for a little while," she told me. 

She is definitely gonna come and ask me for help. I just know it. Based on what I know about him and how he's been in the past, she'll be begging to change him. 



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