He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples. Wow. I watched as he disappeared into the dark alley. My friends looked at me with open jaws.
"Close them, before you let a fly in," I joked. They looked at me. "What?"
"Don't you know who that is?!" Emmie yelled.
"That's Harry. Harry Styles,"
"I heard he treats girls like toys and if you don't do what he says, he'll beat you," Emmie told me.
"He's abusive," Lauren told me.
"I bet that isn't true,"
"Al, you better be careful," Lauren said.


13. 12

Al's P.O.V.



I walked up the three little porch steps and hesitated before I knocked. I knocked three times, then I heard footsteps come to the door. Harry opened the door and smiled at me. 

"Hey, Harry,''

"Come in, Allyson. I thought you weren't coming over until later?"

"I decided to come now, my friends were annoying me,"

"What were they saying?"

"They said stuff like how I should break up with you,"

"Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"Breaking up with me?"

"What? No!"

"Good," he smiled. 

"I don't know why they said stuff like that. I just told them that I'm not going to, because I like you. A lot,"


Harry's P.O.V.


"I don't know why they said stuff like that. I just told them that I'm not going to, because I like you. A lot," she told me. I froze.





"Claire! What are you doing?!"

"Nothing!" she smiled. 

"Get down! You could get hurt!"

"Oh don't worry about-" she cut herself off by screaming. I heard a thud, and rushed over to her. I felt my breaths get heavier, and my eyes started to water. 

"Claire! Claire! Wake up, babe, come on!" I shook her. I looked at what she hit. Her head. The only thing is, she was dead. I saw lots of blood, and a huge crack in her skull. 

"Claire! Claire please!" I cried. It was too late.

End of Flashback



The only reason I thought of that was because before we left, she told me that she liked me a lot. I really do miss Claire, but I need to focus on right now, Allyson. 



"You kinda, zoned out there," she gave me a small laugh. 

"I was... thinking,"

"About what?"

"Nothing that concerns you," I snapped. 

"Sorry," she said looking down. 

"Hey," I said lifting her head up. 

"What?" she said softly. 

"I don't like you, Allyson,"

"You don't?"


"Why not?"

"Because I love you,"

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