Finally Loved <3

Hey my name is Julia. I don't have a last name yet. Yup, I live in an orphanage. I am 14 and a half. My parents died. My mom died in a car crash, and my dad died of a heart attack. I have family but they didn't want me so here I am. I have been in this hell hole orphanage for three years. And today is where my story begins................



5. Chapter 5

 Chapter 5


                                                   Julia's pov

       I got to the door and stop moving finally realizing it truly wasn't a dream I am really Louis Tomilson's new daughter. "Holy shit.." "Julia!" Louis said. " Sorry I am just realizing that this isn't a dream that I am really your new daughter. " Aw, lets go inside so you can meet everyone and settle in. Okay?" Louis asked. "yeah lets go." We went inside and I was attacked by this adorable gray colored pitbull puppy. I giggled. Then a cute little kitten that was black and white came in. I love animals. Louis told them to go away but they followed me I was happy they did. We went into the living room where the boys were watching the tellie. "Hey boys." Louis said. They all turned and stared at me I said, " Hey. I am Julia Louis's new daughter but you can call me JJ." I smiled. Liam said, " Hello Jul.. I mean JJ It is a pleasure to meet you." I hugged him a said nice to meet you too and Niall, and Zayn said the same. When Harry came to say hello and hugged me I felt fireworks. I know that's kinda cheesy but, I haven't been loved in a few years so I think that living here I am going to finally feel the love I haven't felt in a long time.................



                          Hello my lovely's sorry for the short chapter.


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