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Hey my name is Julia. I don't have a last name yet. Yup, I live in an orphanage. I am 14 and a half. My parents died. My mom died in a car crash, and my dad died of a heart attack. I have family but they didn't want me so here I am. I have been in this hell hole orphanage for three years. And today is where my story begins................



4. Chapter 4

    Chapter 4


                            Julia's pov

         I put all my stuff in the trunk of Louis's Jeep. The I hopped into the front seat. Louis was already in and started the Jeep. He said, " buckle up." "Okay" I said and did as I was told. As soon as I did he started driving to his... I mean our house. I asked as we stopped at a red light, "Hey, Louis, is.... Elanor my mum?" His eyes had a sad look in them so I hurried to say, " I'm sorry I asked. You don't have to tell me I know you are sad." I looked out the window and we began driving again. After about 20 or so minutes we reached a huge mansion and might I say it is beautiful!! once the gates opened we drove up in front of the house. Louis said, " No." No.....what?" I said kindly. "No, Elanor is not your mother. I left it blank on the adoption papers, because I don't know how much longer we will be together." He said and began to cry. I didn't say anything I just hugged him tightly.

                           Louis's pov

     Once I parked I finally said, "No." "No.....what?" she said kindly. "No, Elanor is not your mother." I felt tears  brim my eyes but I continued, " I left it blank on the adoption papers, because I don't know how much longer we will be together." My cheeks were wet so I knew I was crying. Julia didn't say anything she just hugged me tightly. I needed a huge so I hugged her back and cried she rub my back to make me feel better. She said after a good ten minutes while still hugging me and rubbing my back, " Its okay. I am always here. If she makes you feel this way then maybe you guys shouldn't be together. Whenever you are sad or upset just remember I love you. Promise you will remember. Because I really love you and you are going to be the best dad ever." she made me look at her when she said the last 2 sentences. I couldn't believe after only knowing her for 3 hours tops she said she loves me and that I was going to be a great dad. I wiped away my tears, smiled at her and said, " I promise. Lets get your stuff and go inside I can show you your room and you can meet everyone. You ready?" She said, "Yea come on." We got all her things and headed inside.

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