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Hey my name is Julia. I don't have a last name yet. Yup, I live in an orphanage. I am 14 and a half. My parents died. My mom died in a car crash, and my dad died of a heart attack. I have family but they didn't want me so here I am. I have been in this hell hole orphanage for three years. And today is where my story begins................



14. Chapter 11



Zayn's pov

                           I knew Louis was right.  I.. I just don't know how I'm going to apologize. Oh wait...... I know who will know, my little sister Waliyah!!! I dial Wali's number.

w=Waliyah z=Zayn

W- "Hey Zaynie" :)

Z- "Hey Wali" :)

W- "Whats up?"

Z- "I need your help with something."

W- "And.. That would be what?"

Z- "How do I apologize to Louis's daughter?"

W- "Louis has a daughter? and What did you do to her?"

Z- "Yeah. He adopted her today. I kinda hurt her feelings and she cut herself..." :(

W- "ZAYN!! First off, What is her name?"

Z-" Julia"

W- "Ok so You could say something like, 'Julia, I am sorry I hurt your feelings. Please don't hurt yourself anymore. I am so sorry.' And if she ignores you say 'I am so so sorry what can I do for you to forgive me?' 

Z- "Ok. I'll try that. Thanks. Tell mum i say hi, ok. Bye Wali thanks so much."

W- "Ok. You're welcome. Bye Zaynie"

 Ok. I need to get dressed then go over to Julia's room and apologize. I put on a pair of fancy trousers and a white shirt with my black leather jacket over it. I styled my hair in its usual quiff. I put on my pair of Martens Anthony boots. I looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad. I open my door and walk down the hall to Julia's room. 

   I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Julia yelled through the door. "It's Zayn. Please let me in." I said. The lock on the door clicked and she opened the door. "Fine but you have 5 minutes. I need to get ready." She said to me and walked away leaving the door open for me. I walked into her room and shut the door behind me. "Julia. I'm really sorry." I said. "Sorry isn't going to cut it for right now. I need time. I haven't cut in a month and I did it again. Zayn, I'm sorry I just need time." She said sadly. "Isn't there anything I can do to make it up to you?" I said close to tears. She sighed. "Zayn, I am going to forgive you but I need time and space to heal from this. Okay?" I got up and hugged her. As soon as I hugged her she began crying. "Aw. Love don't cry." I rubbed her back. She began to calm down. As soon as she calmed down she broke the hug and said, "I need to get ready I will be down soon." "Okay." I said and left right before I shut the door she said, " Thank you for apologizing."No problem." I said and shut the door. I went to the first floor to wait for the others.

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