Finally Loved <3

Hey my name is Julia. I don't have a last name yet. Yup, I live in an orphanage. I am 14 and a half. My parents died. My mom died in a car crash, and my dad died of a heart attack. I have family but they didn't want me so here I am. I have been in this hell hole orphanage for three years. And today is where my story begins................



1. Chapter 1

     Julia's Pov

   Hey my name is Julia. I liked to be called JJ though. Today someone is coming to adopt someone from the 14 to 15 age group. Atleast that's what Miss Jenkins said over the intercom during breakfast. I don't really care because I am never adopted. But I am still in my pj's so I am deciding to get dressed. I picked out a Superman long sleeve shirt, Because I cut, black leggings, and black vans. I brushed my brownish red hair and curled it. I then put on silver eye shadow, black eyeliner, and peach lip gloss. I looked at my blue grey eyes. They are dull, but i guess if i was someone else looking at them then my eyes would be probably really pretty. "All girls ages 14 to 15 please come downstairs an adopter is here." Miss Jenkins told us blandly over the intercom. Great. I thought. We all went down stairs and lined up. Then the adopter walked in with Miss Jenkins. As soon as the adopter walked in I reconised him it was Louis Tomilson from One Direction.................




 Hello my lovlies! Sorry for the short chapter. I didn't get any sleep last night and I am super tired!! Love you my dear lovlies!!!

                             Love, JJ


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