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7. Seven

Cameron's POV

I shifted a little while ago. I can smell her scent. She was smart to not shift, but she wasn't smart enough. I've been following her scent for days. I still haven't found her. I think I'm close to Oregon now. 

I could still smell her scent. She must be here in Oregon. I will find my mate. I need her. I love her way too much to let her go. I did that once, I'm not doing it again. 

Zee's POV

I heard a knock at the door and got up from the couch. Landon and Jax were standing there. I raised my eyebrows. 

"We were wondering if you wanted to hang out? I'm sure it gets lonely here." Jax said. Landon nudged him in the ribs. "I meant to say that I'm sure you could use some company." I smiled and let them in. We sat down on the large couch. I noticed that Landon was very quiet. 

"You're quiet." I pointed out. He just nodded his head. "Is he always like that?" I asked Jax. 

"Yeah, if he doesn't know them." I nodded my head. "He'll warm up to you." 

"Nice place," Landon said, looking around. 

"Yeah, it is." I said. I couldn't help but notice that he looked slightly frustrated. "Are you alright, Landon?" He nodded his head. I didn't push it any farther. He would tell me if he wanted to. 

Landon sat back down next to me. "Margaret sure is nice, isn't she?" He said. It took me aback, but I nodded my head. 

"How do you know her?" I asked him. He smirked. 

"She helps out stranded werewolves. I thought you knew that." I shook my head. He smiled. I smiled back. 

"Where's Jax?" I asked Landon. I heard footsteps. 

"I'm right here." Jax said sticking his head out of the kitchen. He had a bunch of food in his hands. I rolled my eyes. I forgot how much guys eat. 

Landon scooted closer to me. Our hands brushed and I felt tingles in my hand. I looked up at him. It looked like he could feel the tingles too. 

"You're really pretty, Zee." Landon said, putting a stand of my hair behind my ear. I blushed. He smiled and leaned in. Our lips touched, causing a warm feeling to run through my body. I heard a throat clear and we pulled away. 

"Excuse me while I go barf." Jax said. I rolled my eyes. He sat down and changed the channel. He turned it onto The Walking Dead. I love this show! 

"You guys like this show?" I asked. They nodded their heads. I finally found people who love this show too! We spent most of the day watching The Walking Dead. 

When night had fallen they decided to leave. "Goodbye, guys. I had fun today." I said. Jax walked off the porch and waited for Landon. Landon smashed his lips onto mine. He pulled away and we smiled at each other. 

"Goodbye, Zee," he whispered into my ear. I smiled even bigger. They shifted and ran off. I walked back into my house. 

Maybe I've finally moved on. I hope that I have. 

I went into town to just drive around. I wanted to get to know this place. I am going to be living here for a while. The town was surrounded by trees and forests. It had this gloomy feeling. It's probably because it rains here a lot. It also has this magical feeling. There's probably a ton of werewolves in Oregon. I look in the mirror. My brown hair and blonde highlights have always fascinated me, except the blonde highlights aren't highlights, I was born with the blonde in my hair. My green eyes looked duller than they usually did. I sighed. I haven't looked myself since I ran away. 

I usually look a little happy, but now I look miserable. Why would I be miserable? You left your pack. My mind said. Yeah, I did. 

My family meant everything to me. I miss them a lot. I just let my stubborn side win this time. I lost control. How could you blame me? I bet you'd act the same way if your dad told you, you had to marry somebody. 

I turned my car around and drove back to my house. 

I wonder what my life would be like right now. Would I be getting ready for a wedding I didn't want? Would I be saying my vows to someone whomI don't love? I don't regret running away. I would be stuck with Cameron. My stomach did a flip when I thought about him. I noticed my heart began to beat faster. Why does he have this affect on me?

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