Ok so this is not my book it is so out her person k


13. 13

I went over what my dad had said. I'm of royal bloodline. How is that even possible? I'm pretty sure my mom wasn't a queen or a princess. I don't know much about her parents though. Maybe they were? 

"You're kidding me, right?" My dad shook his head. Cameron gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. "That's why they're after me, isn't it?" 

"Well, yes," my dad said. There's more to this. 

"I need to know everything, dad." I said. He nodded his head, agreeing with me. 

"Your mother wasn't becauseshe didn't want to be. She made a deal with her parents that her daughter would be the one to take the throne, once you are the age of eighteen. Your mother wanted you to be treated as normally as possible. She would've done anything for you." Yeah, she did. She gave up her life for me. 

"I'm turning eighteen soon." I said. I'm not ready for something this big. 

"Yes, you are." I started to rub my temples. I just got back home and then they throw this at me. I can't complain, I was the one that wanted to know. 

"What's the reason why the Nightwalkers Pack is after me?" I asked. Cameron tensed. It must be serious then. 

"You have a gift, Zee." My dad said. I gave him a confused look. "The blonde in your hair was there when you were born. It symbolizes the good in you." 

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