1. Chap 1

Hi my name is hannah and I'm a vampire I have brown hair and brown eyes my friends are kissenyer Loren Raine and Chloe so Chloe is an angle and Raine is a vampire kiss is a werewolf  and lor is an werewolf Raine has a special power to read people's minds so we all love love one d and we were one our way to nandows when we sour a huge crowed we could see it was one d but we played it cool me and Raine had to be held back bye kiss and lor cas thare blound is so good me and Raine dident eat any think cas we only have bloud and Chloe can't eat any think cas she is an angle but kiss and lor can eat any think and than one d asked if thay can sit next to us I was freking out in side but I was like yeh I had to bite my toung so did not eat em i like Louis Raine likes nill kiss likes Harry and Chloe likes liem and zane Louis sat right next to me his bloud was mouth watering I managed to say hi and he said hi Raine read my mind and wisperd to Chloe and kiss and lor if we could leave thay all wisperd yes we were leaving then Louis and the rest said you whant my number we all said yes when we got home where were so happy that me and Raine were flying all around the house and Chloe grow wings wile kiss and lor were in wolf form our house was huge with 6 toilets 8 rooms 1 kitchen 1 game room and 2 living rooms kiss and lor shere a room since thay are twins then I got a phone call it was Louis I skerend and evry one look at me and then thare faces trend in to smiles I said hi he said plz go out side with all yea friends I thorght about it and said yes we waked out side and then we all had our mouths coverd and then noked out I woke up in a smill room with my bffs then the door swings open and 😮one d walked in I was shocked but I remberd I was a vampire i ripped open my ropes and so did Raine we helped the rest and then we whent o our strongest form ( Chloe can shape shift so yer) thay looked shocked and said are you vampires I could no longer smell the bloud in them I said me and raine are vampires and kiss and lor are werewolfs and Chloe is an angle I said who are you thay said that niall and Louis are vampires and Harry and zane are werewolfs and liem is an wizard ( angles and wizards can be together ) we gust looked at Eacher and then Chloe is like sooo I giggle and evry one sayes what and I say Louis has dident smell dat me and Raine don't have bloud and dat Chloe's bloud is white then zane sayes do you for give us I say yes and the rest say yes I could smell dat thay did not have a home and I said do you have a home thay say no and I could tell Raine was reading my mind and then said would you like to stay with us thay said yer shour I smiled my car got stolen so we had to walk on our walk jb ( Justin Berber) showed up I hated him so much he was the on dat changed me he looked at me Raine was reading my mined and said RUN!!! We were running in to the foris and he grabbed me and lor ( he changed lor as well he is a vap+wolf ) he pined us up to a wall and tied the rest up in weakness ropes so Raine can't get out I said wat do you want he was choking lor cas she needs to breath be I don't he said to goin my army I said no but he started to crak my neck Chloe shap shifted in to a duck so she could jump out of the ropes and then shape shifted back in to her seaf she quicking untied evry one kiss and one d were fighting jb and Chloe rushed over to us I was ok I healed my self but lor was passed out I healed her and the helped save the rest lor heled jb in place wile I was standing on his back and I riped his head off and we bered the body after dat we ran home and got a room I shred with Chloe lor shred with kiss and Raine and Niall got a room zane and Harry got a room and the two left got thare Owen in the morning I whent with Raine to get a cup of bloud and kiss and lor had some fresh pig meat Louis and Niall had gone hunting for human bloud witch made me sick me and Raine only had animal then we herd Chloe scerem I ran in to her room and he abuisfiv father had punished her arm it was bleeding white bloud witch made me thirsty Raine was over it she was 123 years old I was only 3 in people years Raine is 14 and I'm 13 we kicked but and he was flying back to he'll kiss heled me back wile Raine was helping her thay said plz dont bite her when you heal her I said I will try and then I bit her very quickly now she was tern ing in to a vamp I jumped out the 3 story window and ran in to the park after like 2 houses a hand touched my arm it was kiss she said to come back when she sour my eyes she said get out of the light cos vampires cry blood I said Chloe most likely hates me and she is probably in pain kiss said it has stopped she is now a vampire+angle she toke me home one d looked at my cheeks cas thay have blood on em I said stop looking at me and thay looked away kiss coled over lor and Raine lor looked at me and said did you kill someone cas dat is a lot of blood Niall and Louis came up and said can you get rid of the blood it makes me hungry I cleaned it up and said where is Chloe in her and yours room kiss said can I talk to her yer thay said I whent in to her room and said hey I'm very sorry she cut me of and said dont worryim fine but um are vampires supposed to cry bloud I said yer BFF I said BFF she said we went in to the kicker and said anny one hungry evry one said yes after eating Harry yeled TRTH OR DAIR I said yes Harry said I dear hannah to kiss Louis I said WHAT it is dat or drink human blood I said fine I kiss him four 5 secs and pulled away I said kiss TRTH or DAIR she said trth I said have you ever hunted for row meat and ate it she said yes and we were all loling on the ground I said I'm going to bed bye i fell a sleep and I had a bad night mair it was about 

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