Dance The Dance Of Death

Kale Hedway is not your average high-school student. For starters, he possesses otherworldly good looks, is capable of charming any girl in any language, and is failing most of his classes.

Also, he is a vampire.

Kale has been alone ever since he can remember, and he disguises his emptiness by attending Reussman Academy, a school founded by vampires, for vampires.
When a strange but beautiful girl shows up at Reussman Academy, Kale is hooked on the idea of not having to be alone anymore.

But this girl isn't at all what Kale had expected.

After one spin and a fateful chance encounter, Kale is taking all of the wrong twists and turns. But can he escape the mess that is his eternal life?


2. Chapter Two

And so, it turns out that the woman was the headmistress of Reussman Academy,Colette Reussman. You might call me an idiot for not knowing that, but in assemblies I have my head in the clouds. Also, I don’t care about  mundane school rules.

“…carelessly caused. Have you no respect for this school and everything it means to go here? I thought you were blossoming into a fine young man, you’re old enough to know better!” Colette Reussman went on, her words blurring into each other thanks to the pain in my head.

I groaned, pressing a hand to my sore face. “Do me a favour and do not associate the word ‘blossoming’ with me ever again. It sounds girly.”

Colette frowned. “I’m worried about you, Kale. You held so much promise.”

“I still do.”                     

“You don’t. Not anymore.”

“Well, just try believing in me, then.” I scowled. “When can I see her?”

“You can’t,” Colette said sharply. “The others told me you tied her to a chair and drank her blood without her permission. I can’t ignore that, even if she is a hunter.”

“But you can. Because it’s a lie,” I said cheerfully, placing my feet up on her desk.

“And there’s also the damage caused by you. Broken desks.”

“My heart bleeds for the oak.”

“You’re very immature.” Colette sighed. “Get out. And stay away from the hunter.”
I shrugged and left the room, making sure to slam the door shut behind me. The walls vibrated, and the glass window in the centre of the door shattered, leaving me standing in a pile of glass.

“Sorry!” I yelled, running through the hall. “Not my fault!”

I passed a door with the lights on bright, illuminating the sleeping face of a teenaged girl. I paused and just stood there, examining every inch of her face.

Her skin was pale from blood loss. Her hair was long, thick-looking, and shiny, down to her slender waist. Her eyebrows were arched and defined, her nose quite large but still cute, and her lips were stained red. What startled me was the fact that her big, green eyes were focused on me. I pushed open the door and walked over to her bed, trying my best not to make any noise at all.

“Hi.” I said, pulling up a chair by her bed. “I’m Kale. But I’ll take the title of Your Heroic Rescuer, if it’s available.”

The girl just turned onto her side, her head pillowed by her hands, and whispered, “You’re no hero. You’re a monster.” She paused, her eyes searching my face. “Aren’t you?”

I shook my head. “I’m no monster, lady. I’m just like you. In more ways than one.”

“But you’re a vampire. You’re immortal. You could be thousands of years old. It’s kind of sick that you’re preying on me.” She said, smiling a little. I felt my non-existent heart ache.

“I’m technically eighteen,” I told her, ruffling my hair. My eyebrows furrowed. “And what evidence do you have that I’m a vampire?”
“I saw you throw those other vampires across the room.” She answered like it was obvious. “That was so Twilight. I guessed after a second.” She looked at me weirdly. “And thanks for slapping me, jackass.”
“You’re a cocky bitch.” I grinned. “I like you.”

“Good to know.” The girl sat up, and began to pull multiple tubes out of her arms and legs, leaving her skin red and irritated. The IV cords hung limply from their stands, and the heart monitor began to beep like crazy. A warm hand was placed on my neck, and the girl said quietly, “I’m Rand. And I am here to kill you.”

“So why aren’t I dead right now?” I asked.

“Because I like you. But killing you is such an honour. We’ve been hunting you for generations.”

“So when will you kill me?”

Rand grinned. “When you ask me to.”

Rand jumped off of the bed, not swaying once, and ran over to the window. Smashing the glass in one motion with her elbow, she ripped off the curtain cord and tied it hurriedly around her waist. Pulling off the belt around her dress, she linked the two together to make a long rope. She tied the end to a solitary stone gargoyle and slid down the fabric chain. In two seconds she was on the ground. In one second she was gone. And in no time at all, I found myself missing her.

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