Dance The Dance Of Death

Kale Hedway is not your average high-school student. For starters, he possesses otherworldly good looks, is capable of charming any girl in any language, and is failing most of his classes.

Also, he is a vampire.

Kale has been alone ever since he can remember, and he disguises his emptiness by attending Reussman Academy, a school founded by vampires, for vampires.
When a strange but beautiful girl shows up at Reussman Academy, Kale is hooked on the idea of not having to be alone anymore.

But this girl isn't at all what Kale had expected.

After one spin and a fateful chance encounter, Kale is taking all of the wrong twists and turns. But can he escape the mess that is his eternal life?


3. Chapter Three

Descending from the heavens at night, these beings wreaked havoc on the world, bringing tragedy and death to all. No human was strong enough to fight the death and darkness that threatened to bring them to the brink of extinction. Until a group was founded by the local church, a church that brought together a strong group of fighters to be our saviours. Our saviours, the Hunters.

These Hunters were a family of warriors who protected their fellow humans with their lives, making sure no harm came to their loved ones. The first five hunters were gifted with a tattoo from God, a tattoo of the sun accompanied by a blood-stained rose. Destined hunters were born with these tattoos. One by one, the population of vampires in the world decreased, until there were no screams, but only laughter.


Rand was a vampire hunter.

But I didn’t care.

She wanted to kill me.

But I didn’t care.

She wanted me to break first.

But I didn’t care.

I wondered if she’d like my poetry collection.

With my thoughts bringing me down like an anchor, I dragged myself through the hallway of Reussman Academy the next morning, ignoring the bright pink flyers plastered across the walls, the squeals of excited vampire girls, and the loud wailing of a rejected geeky vampire.

Which could only mean one thing.

It was a dance.

I shook off the arms of clingy girls and blocked out the whining of my ex-girlfriends, striding through the hall. They could all have their dance. But I wouldn’t go. I wanted to dance with the girl who had been in my head since yesterday morning. I wanted to see her smile when we waltzed together. But that girl was a killer and I was a vampire.

“I wonder what Kale would look like in a tux.” A girl whispered as I walked past.

“He’d look like a total stud, I bet. Did you hear what he did yesterday?” Another girl replied.

I stopped in front of the tacky noticeboard and pretended to read the announcements.

“He got in a huge fight with a couple other kids, and tried to protect a vampire hunter.”

“He’s hot. How cute, forbidden love.”

“But he’s stupid.”

I looked down at my feet. So according to my school, I was the villain. But really, it was Rand who was the monster. The other kids I’d hurt were merely trying to rid everyone else of the threat. But those girls were right. I was hot and I was a dunce.

Don’t worry though, I promise I’m not conceited.

What did Rand mean?

Did I want to die?

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