Dance The Dance Of Death

Kale Hedway is not your average high-school student. For starters, he possesses otherworldly good looks, is capable of charming any girl in any language, and is failing most of his classes.

Also, he is a vampire.

Kale has been alone ever since he can remember, and he disguises his emptiness by attending Reussman Academy, a school founded by vampires, for vampires.
When a strange but beautiful girl shows up at Reussman Academy, Kale is hooked on the idea of not having to be alone anymore.

But this girl isn't at all what Kale had expected.

After one spin and a fateful chance encounter, Kale is taking all of the wrong twists and turns. But can he escape the mess that is his eternal life?


4. Chapter Four

The air was filled with steady chatter, the sound of girls laughing, and the clinking of champagne bottles against the mouths of glasses. There were a few students playing pieces of classical music over in the east corner, and a few girls were singing, their high, beautiful voices combining to form a sound that swirled and swept throughout the room, cloaking us all in mystery and shadows.

A voice hit my ears, soft as a whisper. “Kale. Jackass.”

I spun around, knocking a tray of drinks off of a students’ shoulder. The guy gave me a foul look, and scuttled away, leaving the mess on the floor. A moment later it was gone, swept up by an efficient vampire waiter.

“Kale. By the door.”                                                                                

I pushed through the crowds of dancing couples, swirling and laughing, and found myself by the entrance doors. Standing there was a girl in a sapphire blue dress, with waist-length brown hair and piercing green eyes through her blue Venetian masquerade mask. A smile spread across her face as she strolled towards me, the stick attached to the mask clutched in her left hand.

“Let’s go.” I said immediately, and tugged her away from the doors and down a stairwell, into the cellars of the establishment where the spare supplies were kept.

Rand tore off the mask and threw it onto the floor. She raised her head towards me and smiled, “Surprise.” Her eyes were outlined with swirling rose designs in charcoal, making her eyes appear even larger. She looked beautiful.

“Surprise?” I snarled, kicking over a box of chalk. “Surprise? You can’t just turn up for a dance at a vampire school, Rand. For God’s sake, what are you trying to do? Get yourself killed?”

Rand pressed a finger to my lips. “Shush.” Her eyes taunted me as she wrapped a slim arm around my waist. “Just dance with me.”
“No, I won’t.” I said defiantly. “What are you doing here?”
“I am here to kill you.” Rand grinned, pirouetting gracefully. “Cool, huh?”

“No. No. Not cool.” I felt like tearing my hair out. Yes I wanted to dance with this girl. Yes I wanted to talk to her for hours about the stupidest of things. I wanted to hear her voice when she lied to me and told me she found me as captivating as I found her. “You have to leave.”

“I can’t.” Rand said stubbornly, her pink lips in a pout. “I was sent here to kill you. I’m not lying. But I can’t kill you.” She took a deep breath, her hair as vibrant and living as the rest of her body. “I can’t kill you because you haven’t asked me to yet.”

“Why would I want you to kill me?” I asked her. Yes, I’m centuries old, but wisdom isn’t something you pick up along the way. It’s something you’re born with or something you aren’t. I’m an idiot.

Rand trailed her fingers down my jawline, her touch as light as butterfly wings. “Maybe you’re sick of feeling lonely,” she whispered. “Maybe it’s the thought of us not being together that makes you want to die. You want me but you can’t have me, so you’d rather kill yourself.” And then there was a paper-thin dagger in her hand, the blade a hazy, lethally beautiful rose.

She was undeniably correct. I’d been lonely for centuries, drifting from continent to continent, trying to find someone to stay with. I couldn’t exactly relate to Rand, but she was the only person I felt like I could be myself with.

“I am lonely,” I said, my voice breaking on the last word. “Very.”
“Doesn’t that want to make you die?”

I shook my head. “Not really.”
“Death would be sweet, and your life is bitter.”

“You know nothing about my life.”
“Then maybe I want to.” Rand said.

“You don’t!” I snarled. “You want me dead!”

“Death is peace. Maybe I want you to have the life you’ve always wanted!” Rand retorted. “You’ve lived for so long, and you deserve a rest!”

“I don’t want to rest if my life has been a nightmare!” I felt the glide of tears down my cheek. “I need some good memories, but I have none.”

“Then I’ll give you a good dream tonight.”

Rand stepped forward, grabbed my tie, and pulled me closer. My chest crashed against hers, hard, and there was a moment of weightlessness where time had no meaning before Rand’s lips met mine. Her mouth was warm and mine was cold. She was all fire and I was ice. I felt every nerve ending in my body heat up, and Rand’s arms reached up to encircle my neck.

Her lips met my ear.

“Sorry.” A single, poisonous, word.

Lethal, just like the girl wielding the blade.

“Don’t be.” I cracked a smile.

Fire as icy cold as life itself consumed me, leaving me lonely once again.


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