Learning To Love Again (PTV FF)

Sisylaiya (Si-ce-lai-ja) Cristal Jacobs is a young woman who lives in Copenhagen and spends all her time writing lyrics, playing guitar and singing.

She had always been that girl everyone noticed and looked up to, her long blonde hair with beautiful waves, beautiful bpdy with curves all the right places and her blue eyes with purple inbetween.

Until about a year ago where she lost her boyfriend in a tragic car-crash... Thats when she started to change. Dyed her hair black with purple streaks, started wearing black and black contacts. She also started listening to Heavy Metal Bands. But the worst thing.... She became extremly depressed and started cutting.... She starved herself and wouldnt eat in up to three days.

One day she buys a ticket to L.A wanting to start a new life. When she moves to L.A she meets the one and only Vic Fuentes the singer from Pierce The Veil. They instantly become friends and she gets invited to join them on tour.

But what will happen when Vic starts to


1. Chapter 1.


(A/N: ok so guys.... I'm trying something new.... I'm going to write a flashback... And i have NEVER written one before.... So im sorry if its shitty but im doing my best... Also im sitting at the library and i kinda have to hurry so it'll be a quick little update!)




Ben (Sisylaiya's X) was walking down the street on his way to Sisylaiyas house to tell her something important. They had been together for about 5 months now. When he reached her house he quickly knocked on the door. Sisylaiya was working on her new song when she heard someone knock on the door, she quickly got up and opened it to see her lovely boyfriend infront of her.


She moved so he could get in but he just walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her hugging the dear life out of her. ''I love you, baby'' he whispered in her ear while trying not to cry.


''What wrong?'' she asked and pulled back looking at him, ''My mom is sending me on a boarding school in London...'' he paused when he heard the sound of his mothers car outside Sisylaiya's house ''I have ti leave now... Or i'm gonna be late for my plane.. I'm sorry... I love you'' He finished kissing her before he left. About two minutes after he left Sisylaiya heard a crash and people screaming, she ran out to the road and saw Bens mother's car laying upside down totally crushed and a truck whos driver was running over to their're car. Sisylaiya started crying and ran over to his car sticking her hand inside a small hole, taking his hand. About five minutes after the parsmedics(sp?) came and pulled her away so they could get them out. She was crying and screaming for them to let her go. She doesnt remember anything from there... All she remembers is waking up in a hospital bed next to Ben.




(A/N: wow... i suck at this... but well... whatever! So vote, Comment and Fan! :D see ya!)

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