Kitty is an eighteen year old girl who's been in love with her best friend, Stuart, for eight years and on her eighteenth birthday she's about to admit her feelings for him. Unexpectedly he invites his new girlfriend over too. Heartbroken, she journeys home but is nearly hit by the one and only Niall Horan. Read the movella to find out what happens....


1. Birthday Meal

Here I was, walking along to my favorite restaurant (Nando's) with my best friend in the whole entire world, Stuart. I have gone over all the possible scenario's in my head: If he was willing to take a step further, if he only wanted to be friends and we stayed friends, if he said he wanted to stay friends and we barely ever talk again, if he only wants to be friends and we do but it's awkward each time I'm near him, if he turns out gay, if he dies, if he turns out to be secretly a woman ect. I thought them all out and how I'd deal with them. You see, I've been in love with him for eight years now and all we've ever been is friends and it's killing me. So today I, Catherine Fisher (call me Kitty) will admit my true feelings for Stuart. I tried my best to dress a little girlish today compared to usual so I had a tan t-shirt over light blue denim shorts with a braided belt. On my back I had a loose back pack that matched the bracelet ( Meanwhile Stuart was casually wearing a simple blue shirt with rolled up sleeves and ripped jeans. He didn't need to put any effort into what he was wearing and still looked like a sex god. "Kitty you're doing that weird staring thing again." Stuart chuckled. God I loved his laugh, the way his bright blue eyes would brighten each time he smiled and laughed. "Still doing doing it Kitty!" Oh right... "So we're heading to Nandos right? You're not taking me to one of those posh restaurants where you pay £1000 for a tiny bit of meat on a huge plate!" He patted my back sending electricity throughout my whole body "No don't worry we're still going to Nandos, I have some good news to tell you!" Maybe he likes me back!

We finally arrived outside Nandos and the sun had already made me sweat through my shirt and the fact in only a few seconds I would have to admit my feelings for him. We stepped inside and I was about to go to our usual seat until Stuart happily announced "We're sitting over there!" His long finger was pointing to either a table with originally two seats but had a spare uncomfortable looking stool sat down in the corner and sitting on the comfortable chair was a very beautiful girl who was probably my age but looked a lot older than me because I looked like a fourteen year old. She had light golden brown hair that cascaded down in waves to the bottom of her ribs and below her fringe were two big chocolate eyes. The other table had only two seats so I headed towards it, linking my arms with Stuart. Before I could sit down though I was swerved off to the uncomfortable seat awkwardly stacked by the table with the girl on. Stuart and the mystery woman both greeted each other with a soft quick kiss making my blood boil. They weren't together were they? I sat there awkwardly for three minutes as they quietly chatted about something, completely forgetting I was here. I coughed to pull them away out of their conversation "Oh yeah, Kitty, my good news is... Alicia," He pointed to the girl next to him "and I are going out now!" That sentence, it shattered something inside me that hasn't been broken before. "Aren't you happy for us Kaley?" Alicia's word were sweet but poison seeped bitterly out of them, she couldn't even get my name right. "Yeah I umm... I think I dropped my phone outside, I need to check quickly." I answered blankly unable to cope with this weird sensation. As terrible as the heart break was, it was quite a dull and numb sensation, like the sound of dropping a pebble into the sand. I silently walked out of the restaurant and backed up against the wall.

Just then ten years of my life were cruelly and unintentionally rejected and now I'm standing here, it looks like it's about to rain and if it does I couldn't care less. My heart feels like it has been drained of all the blood inside. I stand outside for about what seems forever just hoping that Stuart would come out to see if I was okay. Unfortunately there was no sign of him coming to check up on me any time soon so with a sigh I got off the wall and slowly headed back in. Stuart had disappeared, probably to go to the bathroom, leaving me with Alicia. "Hi Kelsey!" She sung. It's Kitty how can she not get that? "Kitty." I corrected her, she looked confused. "Huh?" She was unbelievable. "My name is Kitty." My voice completely monotone. "Okay then... Kitty." She spat my name out of her mouth like it was a foul taste. "Anyway what I wanted to tell you is that Stuart knows all about your little crush on him. He knew ever since you met so just take this as a hint to move on." At that very second Stuart merrily strolled back to our table but when he could feel the tension he was about to ask what had happened before the she-devil (Alicia) ran up to him and smashed her lips to his. For two minutes they both stood there eating at each others mouths, or at least that's what it looked like. "I got to...go" The last word was barely a whisper as my became hoarse. 

First I was walking out of the restaurant and now I was full on sprinting my way home... Only to stop half a minute later because of my usual un- energetic self and a deal on cakes. '3 for 2!' Originally I was enticed until I saw the price of just one cake was three pounds and I was -how should I put it- broke. Sighing back walked back to the pavement. I had stepped to far back and couldn't stop myself from toppling onto the road. Before I could even get up, my eyes were blinded by bright lights, while awaited the pain. I  wasn't that badly hurt and was only pushed forwards a bit but when I saw the car that had hit me my jaw nearly fell off. It was the kind of thing in the James Bond movies. I knew exactly what to do. I doubled over in 'pain' and started 'crying'. I would be able to sue them and with that money, I could help pay off the dept. Nobody had showed up by my side, instead the driver honked rudely at me. The nerve! Eventually someone had come to my side and I could make out a pair of blue eyes and some blonde hair. I was unsure if he was the driver or not but when he flipped me around so I was laying on my back, I could tell he was rich enough to be him. "She looks okay and is still breathing." He was Irish, I think, I was never good with accents. "Are you okay love?" How sincere, you've really changed from just hitting me then honking. "N-no..." I stuttered from 'shock'. "Where do you hurt?" Shit, I was terrible at coming up with quick lies. Quickly grabbing my phone which seemed a lot heavier than usual, I dashed off down the lane.

Finally I got home and couldn't see mum anywhere so I pulled out my phone from my pocket but pulled something out completely different from my brick like nokia, an Iphone. Either this was a gift from Stuart and all that happened earlier was a joke or... Miracles really do exist. Suddenly the mobile in my hands started to ringing and I just stared at the screen before answering. "H-hello?" I answered nervously. "Hi, it's Louis. Niall is that you? Well of course it couldn't be Niall because he's right beside me. Phoneless!" Huh? What was this boy on abo- Oh. "I'm sorry I thought it was my phone, I must have grabbed... Nialls?" The name stuck in my head, where had I heard it before... Holy shi...p wreck. Niall, as in Niall Horan? And that boy on the phone said he was called Louis. As in Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction!! I'm not that much of fan but still it's One Direction! "Really? Then why did you run off quickly?" I remained silent unable to think of an answer. Stuart would've been able to get me out of this... I miss him already. "Look, I'm sorry!" My voice had risen after just thinking about Stuart and my temper was rising. I couldn't deal with them right now, even if they are One Direction. "When can you bring it back?" I just wanted to break down and cry myself to sleep from what happened earlier. "I'll bring it back when ever." I don't want to face anyone right now! "Meet us at Nando's in ten minutes, the one by 'Smiths Cake's'!" Sighing I agreed and ended the call and spending three minutes figuring out how to turn it off. 

Hastily, I walked into Nando's and realized why I had been dreading this, still in the corner were the two lovebirds. Stuart still hadn't left her, not even checked if I was okay! I desperately wanted to run back home but I continued trying to find the band. My eyes fell over six people huddled by a table. Five of them had black ray bands and beanies on, I'm guessing it was them. I trudged over to them and tried to stifle the tears that were dangerously close to spilling when I passed Stuarts table. Their table was right next to his and my heart started to quicken. Hesitating, I placed the phone on the table. "I'm sorry about grabbing your phone." I stood there awkwardly, fiddling with my hands behind my back. "It's okay, we're sorry about hitting you. You can blame our driver." Niall pointed to the man not wearing a disguise who suddenly looked like a little kid in trouble. "I apologize about earlier, we had just escaped traffic so I was angry." There was a long and painful silence following his words. "Well it was nice meeting you, I'll just be going." I turned around but was stopped by one of them, I think it was Liam. "Wait! We thought it would be best if we bought you a meal to say sorry!" I did like the idea of actually eating since I was supposed to have been doing with Stuart... Who was sitting in the neighboring table. Besides I needed to buy some Ben and Jerry's and go home to cry with some chick flicks. "No it ok-" "We insist!" The driver interrupted me, obviously guilty.


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